Love is in the Shadows

Love is in the Shadows


Chapter 2

Black Rose

i looked down at my hand and a small flower was there. the small black rose reminded me of a meadow i had been so many years ago. i took off out of the party in a flash, hoping no one would follow me. i didnt need anybody right now, except sasuke. once i had gotten out of the party i used the shadows to get closer to the meadow. i was in the hallway of a building that was really old. i walked down the hall way, not sure where i was. the hard wood floor was stained an odd color, like a dark red. some of the walls were burned down, others only singed. i walked into one of the rooms and saw the uchiha symbol on the wall. this was the old uchiha manner. i ran out of there as fast as i could, towards the meadow. a boy stood there holding one of the flowers in his hand. i slowed down and walked toward him slowly. he turned and our eyes met. i suddenly felt like a little kid who just did something reallybad and is waiting to be yelled at.
"Kyokyo" he said softly.
"sa-su-ke" i replied sheepishly. he looked at me sadly with a hint of disappointment.
"why'd you do it? why'd you leave" he asked.
"i had too, just like you had to. i needed to figure things out" i said. i looked away. i thought he would be the one to understand it, not the one questioning my leave. i could hear the crunch of the grass underneath his approaching footsteps. his hand cupped my chin and i reluctantly looked at him. his eyes were softer and more caring. i rested my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me.
"i missed you regardless" he whispered. i looked up at him and smiled. his eyes were clouded with emotions and i couldn't read them.
"were you the one who kissed me" i asked him. he nodded. and looked off into the sun. how could he still love me. i had been gone for three years, i left him. or maybe he didnt... maybe he just was going to lead me on and hurt me... try and even the pain i had caused him. no sasuke wasn't like that unless my leaving made him bitter and angry. what was i thinking, i wouldn't have that much influence on him.. would i? why was i overthinking this? why was i trying to ruin what i might be able to have with him? i touched Sasuke's face and he looked at me questioningly.
"i love you" i said. he smiled weakly
"i know. i've known since we first met those many many years ago" he said.
"well why didn't you tell me" i asked
"i wanted you to figure out by yourself" he smiled. i laughed and kissed him.
"maybe we should get back" he said breaking our kiss.
"you won't get the chance" someone laughed from behind us

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