Love is in the Shadows

Love is in the Shadows


Chapter 3


"how are you alive" Sasuke growled. He took my hand and pulled me behind him.
"if you really want to kill off the akatsuki you need to get rid of kabuto" the man laughed.
"I'll remeber that when I kill you again" sasuke growled. Itachi began laughing again.
"oh little brother. You merely got lucky" he chuckled. This was the man who used to take care of me, cover my back when my parents where angry.
"well luck is on my side" sasuke said. He pulled out his sword the began to glow a light blue.
"sasuke. I can get us out of here. I've finally got you back I don't wanna loose you." I whispered.
"no this ends now." sasuke said. He charged forward and itachi dodged. I felt a disturbance and looked around. Konan was swooping down at me. I dodged her attack but was grabbed into a hold. Something sharp poked into my neck and I screamed out. Sasuke turned and started running towards me. My vision was growing blurry as the drugs went through my veins.
"sleep well my pretty" Zetsu hissed. He began to pull me into the ground with me and I struggled to stay concious.
"KIKYO" sasuke yelled.
"sorry little brother. She's mine now" Itachi laughed as he jumped onto a huge white bird that deidara was on. I tried calling out but the drugs had taken it's toll and I blacked out.

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