Love is in the Shadows

Love is in the Shadows


Chapter 7

Realizing True Love

About half way to his house he passed out, causing me to carry him the rest of the way. I looked at his peaceful face and was reminded of our times together. We had loved eachother but I had also loved Sasuke at the same time. You could say I loved Gaara first and then got to reconnect with Sasuke and fell in love with him.
if you truely loved Gaara you never would never have fallen in love with Sasuke Kyoshi thought. He was right. I set Gaara gently on his bed and sat next to him.
"I know you're awake but don't say anything. Gaara it's true; I love you, but I love Sasuke more. You're my best friend and we have been through so much, all of that I'd never take back. You're such a great guy and you'll find someone else who cares for you and only you. You deserve to be loved unconditionally. I will always be there for you and there will always be space in my heart for you but I know that it will never be as big a space that you deserve. I'm going home to be with the one I love unconditionally. I hope some how you'll forgive me and that you can stand being just my friend" I spoke softly, my eyes closed to prevent the tears from escaping.
"you're already forgiven. I understand and all I want is for you to be happy Kikyo and if it's not with me then with Sasuke. He treats you like a princess, like you deserve. Just know I will always be here for you, best friend is better than nothing." He said sitting up.
"Thank you Gaara" I smiled. He brushed a tear off my face and hugged me tightly, like it was a goodbye. In a sense it was. He was saying goodbye to his chance of me. I pulled away and kissed his lips softly and remorsefully.
"Goodbye Kikyo" he muttered as i disappeared into the shadows. I opened my eyes and was at the training grounds in Konoha. Sasuke and Naruto sparred lazily. Naruto noticed me first and waved. Sasuke smiled and ran over to me. He stopped infront of me and looked down lovingly.
"you're early." he said simply.
"I missed my one and only" I said smiling. He smiled and his eyes grew glossy with tears.
"Kikyo, marry me" He said. I now knew why he wanted to cry. This was probably the happiest he had been in his life. I opened my mouth to say "yes" but no words came out. Instead I nodded while the tears flowed freely down my face. He let out a huge breath and pulled out a ring with a heart shaped Amethyst stone. He shakily slipped it on my left ring finger and kissed me.

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