Vampire Time 2

Vampire Time 2

This is just the other part(s) of Vampire Time(Read Vampire Time first you'll understand) Its about a 15 year old that made a bad chose and now he's paying for it with forever

Chapter 1

Chp. 2 New Born Urges

by: KDVampire
“Oh god what is that smell,” I said amazed.
“Ah the smell of humans,” Zach whispered.
I could hear their heart beats. I was hungry. “So do you…” I fidgeted.
“Do, I what,” he asked.
“Drink human blood, because all this twilight stuff says that some drink animal blood,” I twitched.
“Yes but not from the human directly, ether they are willing donors or it is from a bag but all the preservatives make it taste weird-ish,” he laughed. His eyes looked like they were purple and not blue like I thought. “Are you hungry,” he asked.
“Yes,” I longed. My head pounded and my hands shook. I got up and ran, I was scared. I just couldn’t breathe.
I found myself a new ally and I sat and cried.
“Hey,” a voice whispered. “What’s wrong,” she questioned.
“I don’t know,” I looked up at her. She was a pale faced Goth kid about three years older than me. I listened to her heart beat. I was hungering for her blood; though I had a problem I had no fangs. But I saw she had a pocket knife attached to her belt, so I reached for it, the knife slid out with ease I stabbed her neck and drank her blood.
“Mikey,” Zac yelled. “Damn it Mikey you can’t do this,” he snapped.
I could hear her heart beat fading and his voice in the background.
“Sorry I got hungry and yeah,” I stuttered, Holding the bloody knife.
“Innovative thinking with the knife,” he chuckled. “You’re such a messy eater,” he laughed loudly.
“Help me,” she gasped.
“Shh,” Zach comforted. She breathed heavily. “Would you like to be a vampire if you could,” he asked.
“Hell no,” she gasped. Then her heart beat its last.
“Help me,” I begged.
“I would but with what Mikey,” Zac asked.
“With not killing,” I cried. Tears flooded my eyes and rippled down my cheeks.
“Yes if you want,” he answered. He wiped the tears from my cheeks and then the blood from my mouth.
"You know this will make you sick," he said sternly.
"Why," I replied.
"Because this is not natural for a new born vampire without fangs to feed from human blood," he worried.
Then i puked all over Zac. "Sorry," I Garbled wipping my mouth.
"That's ok, kid," he laughed.
"Kid... aren't we like tech-" i cut short to puke again. "Sorry technechly the same age," I asked.
"Yes, but I'm about 90 years older than you," he replied.. "You NEW BORNS don't know how to cantroll themselves."
then i hurled again.
"Just get it out of your system, Mikey," he comforted. He cleaned up the body and came back for me. "Here," he said.
He sat agenst the wall and crossed his legs. "Lay your head in my lap and just get the human blood out is that reasonable," he asked.
I didn't answer, I just scooted over and laied my head down in his lap, slowly I puked up all the blood. After each time he said "Good."
"I'm hungry," i complained.
"Here, you CAN'T have much because you already drank a ton and i might just come back up," he whispered. I herd Zac's skin brake, and i could smell his blood; an overwelming thing it wasn't just a smell. It was like, my life depended on this but i loved it more than anything in the world, it would have killed me to see it disapear from me and not have it...
I felt the blood hit my lips so I drank but just barely.
"You don't seem to hungry," he belived.
I felt stiff and i couldn't move.
"Hey, Mikey," Zac whispered franticly.
i couldn't see anything or feel any thing i could only hear his voice. Only Zac's soft voice saying he was taking me to his family up in the mountain, where he hasn't been in years after he had killed someone in his family.

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