love of the Marauders!! (a young Sirius Black love story)

love of the Marauders!! (a young Sirius Black love story)

hey guys I was looking through the stories on here and I couldn't find many to do with the young marauders so i decided to make some. this one is about sirius black but I will also write one for james and one for remus so you can find them on my profile.

hope you enjoy it and i love comments so a lot would be appreciated!! thnx plz plz plz comment!!

Chapter 2

The Sorting

James and Sirius tried to help me out of the boat but they fell in the lake again which me and Remus laughed at as he helped me onto dry land. when I was safely on land I turned around and pulled James out of the water then turned to Sirius to help him but hesitated. "your not going to pull me in are you?" I asked and he laughed. "no I learned my lesson last time" he said so I pulled him out. we walked up to the castle, me laughing and joking with Remus while James and Sirius followed shivering because they were so wet. when we got inside a strict looking woman walked up to us and explained what was going to happen. "now in a few minutes we will go in to the great hall and when I call your name you will come up to be sorted.......what happened to you two?" she asked noticing James and Sirius shivering and they both pointed at me. she looked at me with one eyebrow raised. "they tried to help me out of the boat but fell in because they were fighting." I told her with a smile, Remus nodded next to me and she smiled while drying off James and Sirius. I turned to Remus and we were both trying to hold in our laughs. when we entered the great hall there was an echo of gasps as everyone looked up at the ceiling. we walked to the front of the room just before the teachers table and the woman from before started calling out names, the first was a girl with ginger hair that flowed silk like down her back and shocking green eyes, her name was Lily Evans and I saw James' jaw drop. Lily was put into Griffindor and so were James, Sirius and Remus so I knew where I wanted to go. finally it was my turn so I walked up to the stool, sat down and put the hat on my head. "Ah, I see that you enjoy to joke around a lot but you are always there for your friends and you would do anything for them. hmmmmm this is very difficult, you have the qualities for all the houses but I can see what you really want so I will put you in........GRIFFINDOR!" the hat shouted. the table to the right of me started clapping and cheering but none were as loud as James, Sirius ans Remus which I had to laugh at. when I reached the table all three of them gave me a hug, first separably and then they all squished me so that I couldn't breathe. "guys ....can you let go please........I can't.....breathe." I said and they all let go laughing. I sat down across from James and Sirius with Remus sitting nest to me. on my other side was the girl called Lily so I introduced my self and we became instant friends. me,Lily,James,Sirius,and Remus all talked through the whole of the feast and on our way to the common room but I had to keep switching from the boys to Lily because she refused to talk to the boys. when we got to the common room it looked so cozy and then we found out that me and Lily were sharing a dorm so we made a b line for the girls staircase,knocking Sirius over a chair as I raced Liy to the room to try and get the best bed. when we got there I won of course so I took the bed by the window and she took the one next to me. we went back down to the common room and I apologized to Sirius and then, with a little help from James, he threw me onto the couch. after he threw me though he came and sat next to me so I tackled him to the floor and pinned him down. "wow! I think you need to go to the gym Siri. especially if a girl can pin you down." said James as Sirius struggled trying to get up. "what are you laughing about I pinned you down the day before you went on holiday! and you do go to the gym." I said letting Sirius up and sitting back on the couch. at this he stopped talking and every body else started laughing. we had fun like this all night until me and Lily finally went to bed and fell asleep.

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