love of the Marauders!! (a young Sirius Black love story)

love of the Marauders!! (a young Sirius Black love story)

hey guys I was looking through the stories on here and I couldn't find many to do with the young marauders so i decided to make some. this one is about sirius black but I will also write one for james and one for remus so you can find them on my profile.

hope you enjoy it and i love comments so a lot would be appreciated!! thnx plz plz plz comment!!

Chapter 3

5th year!

authors note: by the way I forgot to mention that you are an animagus who turns into a cat! (thought it would be interesting coz Sirius is a dog!)

~4 years later~

it's been 4 years since that first day and me, James, Sirius and Remus are extremely close friends. of course I'm still friends with Lily but she hates all the boys so I don't hang around with her as much but we are still pretty close! I was on the platform with Jmes waiting to meet Sirius and Remus, or moony and padtfoot as we call them. they still wont tell me why these are they're nicknames but I'm used to it now so....
I felt a tap on my shoulder and spun round to see Sirius with that signature smile and gave him a huge hug.

"oh Sirius I haven't seen you in so long!" I said smiling as I hugged him. I let go and saw Remus standing next to him with his humongous smile. "hey Rem! how are you?" I asked giving him a hug as well. "I'm okay _! how are you?" he asked squeezing me. "well.......I was okay..........but now I can't breathe!" I tell him half laughing. "oh, sorry" he said letting go and giving me an apologetic smile. after our little meeting we all went into an empty compartment on the train and talked the whole journey. when we were finally in the common room I sat next to Remus on the couch and Sirius and James sat across from us. "so guys, any plans for our pranks this year?" I asked with a devilish smile spreading across my face.Sirius mirrored my smile and said "oh, I have a few ideas" looking around the common room and we all laughed. after a while James and Sirius went to bed so it was just me and Remus. "so, are you ever going to tell me why you've all got these weird nicknames?" I asked turning to look at him. "you know I can't, they would kill me if I told you!" he said with a smile. "yeah but I am getting closer to figuring it out !" he looked at me a bit worried. "how?" he asked a little tense. "hello! it's pretty obvious. I mean I've already got you figured out it's just the other two" when he looked at me this time he looked curious. "what do you think mine is for?" he sked as if saying that I would never figure it out. "hmm, lets see. this all happens on the night of a full moon, ............ your nickname is Moony..........and James keeps talking about your furry little's not rocket science Rem!" I smiled at him but he looked shocked. "so what do you think I am?" he asked and I gave him a sympathetic smile. "I know your a were wolf Rem!" I whispered and he looked scared now. "JAMES........SIRIUS....GET DOWN HERE!" He shouted up to their dorm. they came running down looking just as scared. "whats wrong Moony?" asked James. "that is 'Moony' she knows!" he said pointing at me. "HOW?!?!" they shouted together. "she figured it out" Remus told them. after we argued for a while they calmed down. "so come on whats up with the nicknames Padfoot and Prongs?" I asked and they sighed. "if you tell me your secret I'll tell you mine." with this they both looked at me shocked. "alright fine.......come outside with us we can't do it here." Sirius said grabbing my hand and pulling me out through the portrait hole. we walked outside and into the forest. when we got to a clearing he dropped my hand and walked to stand in front of me along with James. "well.......?" I said and they both changed form. Sirius ito a great black dog who actually looked kinda cute, and James into a stag. I smiled and just gave a simple "oh" as they changed back into their human self. "oh! thats all you can say.........most people would be shocked to see 1 animagus let alone 2 we are really rare" said Sirius and then he got a smile on his face as if he had remembered something. "come on then whats your secret?"

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