Emo Love Part 1

Emo Love Part 1

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Chapter 2

Emo Love Part 2

He is so cute I said to myself I think he heard me because he turned to me but then he asked ”Is my hair ok?” I nodded yes and he walked out the bathroom. “Alex hurry up I don’t want to be late!” I said impatiently.(Monday 7:00 am.) I walk out the room with Alex walking behind me I turn around and lock the door “You didn’t have to wait for me to get ready.” He said “ I wanted to plus I don’t know my way around yet.” I said walking “Ok.” he said looking at me with his beautiful grayish blue eyes. (Monday 7:29 am.) Me and Alex run in the class and I walk to the back of the room in the left corner and Pretended to listen to the teacher and look at Alex in the corner of my eye and Alex walks to the back and sits next to me . Alex pokes me and hands me a note I open it and it says “ Class just started and its boring already.” I wrote back “I know.” I hand it back to him when the teacher isn’t looking (Monday 8:30am.) The bell rang I stand up and walk out the room “_____ please report to the office.” It said over the loudspeaker I looked at Alex. Alex looked at me “Ill see you later ___.” He said looking at me (Monday 8:35 am.) I walk into the office the secretary called my name she handed me some old text books and told me to go back to my dorm till lunch I nodded (Monday 9:04 am.) I take out my key and unlock the door I walk in and put my books down on the coffee table and throw my keys down carelessly. I take out my cell phone and I see someone texted me it says “Hey ___ I stole your phone number when you were sleeping lol.” I laugh and text back “Hi creeper ;]].” I close my phone and turn on the TV. I hear my phone beep and I see Alex texted me it says “Ill see you at the dorm ill bring lunch for us ;).” I smile and text back “Ok see you soon.” I closed my phone and laid back on the bed on Alex’s side and closed my eyes (Monday 11:30 am.) I sit up and see Alex sitting on the edge of the bed he smiles and says “I thought this was my side.” he starts laughing I smile and say “Sorry.” He said “It’s fine.” Alex hands me a slice of pizza I take it. I thanked him then I quickly jump beside Alex and take a quick picture for my scrap book. T.B.C.

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