Sandy Memories

I miss the village of the sand. I miss the cool windy breeze and the warm sand underneath my feet. I miss my best friend Temari and my perverted buddy Kankuro. But most of all I miss Gaara. I miss his smell, his touch, his sound and his kisses. I miss his sand caressing my body while he whispers sweet soothing sounds in my ear. But all of that is gone, I transfered to another village. The village of the leaves.

Chapter 1

A New Arrival

Author's Notes:

Shino: sighs

Katsumi: What's wrong Aburame-sama.

Shino: Sakura.

Katsumi: What did she do this time.

Shino: She destroyed my insect collection for the fourth time this week.

Katsumi: Oh really. smiles evily

Shino: Are you okay Katsumi-chan.

Katsumi: Yes,I am okay. I also forgot to tell you something.

Shino: Which is?

Katsumi: I wrote a new story.

Shino: Thats nice. raises eyebrows Am I in the story.

Katsumi: Of course silly. Your like my favorite character and your super cute and intresting.

Shino: blushes Katsumi-sama does not own Naruto or any of the characters.

Katsumi: If I did own Naruto, Shino would be the main character.

Shino: coughs Katsumi-sama only owns the plot and the orginal characters she created.

Katsumi: Hugs Shino tightly Oh please enjoy the story and don't forget to add comments.
I slowly got off the bus with my luggages in hand. "So this is the famous Kohona High school" I smirked. My voice was dripping with sarcasm as I made the phoniest remarks about the school. I gently placed my luggages on the ground and started to stare at the signs, I felt total idiot. I was lost on the first day of school. I gain my composure and fixed myself before I started to look for a student.

I slowly grabbed my bags and started to walk in their direction until a obnoxious pink haired girl jumped in front of me. She wore a skimpy cheerleader's outfit and brought a pink book bag with her. She smacked on her bubble gum and twirled her long pink hair in a ditzy manner. "Um you must be the new girl" The bubbly girl giggled. I nodded my head and try to give her a smile but it kinda end up looking a little bit twisted. The girl popped her bubblegum and handed me a stick.

"Um thanks." I sighed. I looked at her once more and plopped the bubblegum in my mouth. "I'm Sakura Haruno, I'm your tour guide for the week. Um what's your name." Sakura asked.

I rolled my eyes and looked into her green hypnotic orbs, "My name is Kasumi Asura" I said slowly. Sakura blinked twice before she gave a huge smile. "Oh you must be the new cheerleader who's cheerleading for our team" Sakura beamed. I nodded my head quickly and she grabbed my hand. She dragged to a group of girls leaving my bags behind. I manage to get loose from Sakura death grip and regain my posture, I slowly grabbed my bags and ran to Sakura's side. Sakura smirked at me and began to introduce me to the her friends which were in the cheerleading squad.

"Hey everyone I know you been wondering who is a new edition to our squad and I finally found out who it was" Sakura squealed. The group of girls started to yell out random names until the blonde girl silence them. "It's the new girl the school has been raving and ranting about this past week" Sakura screamed. Sakura pulled me from behind her and pushed me into the bench where a girl with lavender eyes sat their examining her friend's bugs. The lavender eyed girl squealed spastically and knocked the guy's ant farm over. I quickly caught it by one finger.

I brought the clear case to my face and began to stare at the bugs. "I see that you have a interest in insects" A deadpan voice rang. I looked up from the clear case and looked at the mysterious reserved boy. His thick black glasses shined in the harsh light and his white hoddie was half way zipped up showing his clan's symbol on his shirt. I slightly nodded my head and gave him his bug collection back. "Thank you for saving my insects" The boy sighed. He grabbed the pale frantic girl's hand and led her away somewhere else.

As soon as they faded into the distance a familiar person grabbed my shoulders and dragged me back to my spot. "Kasumi, were you flirting with that creep" A blonde girl asked. "N-No, I just help retrieve that guy's bug collection. It a really weird hobby" I sighed. I looked at the blonde girl and smiled at her. "How did you know my name" I asked shyly. The blonde girl pointed at Sakura and started to introduce me to the cheer squad.

It took me awhile to figure out the names but I learn then pretty quick. "So now do you know your teammates" Sakura asked. I nodded my head quickly and looked at the ground. "I'll help you find your dorm if you can name all the girls name" Sakura smiled. I sigh heavily and began to list them.

"Okay. The long haired blonde girl is Ino Yamanaka. The girl next to Ino is Ten-Ten, Ten-Ten is talking to a girl named Kana. Kana is obviously giving a detailed conversation which Karin is eavesdropping on Kana and Ten-Ten's conversation. Thus leads to you, Sakura Haruno." I smiled triumphantly.

Sakura shook her head blatantly and started to head towards the building almost leaving me behind.


Entry1: Transfer.

It has been a rough week but I manage to survive. Leaving the village of the Sand was kind of depressing even though I transferred to a different village. I will miss the soft windy breeze and the soft warm sand beneath my feet. I will miss the festivals and the tournaments my village holds every year. I will miss my best friend Temari and my perverted friend Kankuro. I will also miss Gaara. I already miss Gaara, I miss his touch, his smell, his sound, and his lips. I miss his sand caressing my body and the way he says those sweet caring words at the right time and moment. He knows I'm his girl and his girl only. If only if I could rewind time and replay those moments I would enjoy every second with him. The only thing I have to remember him by is his old gourd he had when he was small, the sand has been transferred into his new gourd but my village sand is filled inside his old gourd. I will try to meet Gaara soon over the break so I can enjoy the little time I have with him.

Suna Rules :^) Kasumi


I slowly closed my journal and hid it between my mattresses before anyone saw it. I watched Sakura and Kana do their cheers one more time before they went to bed. 'Maybe living in Kohona wasn't that bad' I thought to myself once more.

'Maybe it isn't so bad'


Katsumi: Did you like the story.

Shino: Yes. Why did Ino called me a creep.

Katsumi: I dunno.

Ino: I do!

Shino: Are you sure?

Ino: I'm positive.

Shino and Katsumi: backs away from Ino

Katsumi: I don't want to have your diease. Let's go Shino. drags Shino

Ino: Um please add comments.

Katsumi: Btw I have more stories on Click on search chose penname and type in Katsumi. Do not click on Kasumi-sama thats not me but click on Katsumi. This is my penname for now on.

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