U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 7

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Chapter 1

My Life As Me

Avalon punched me across the face and I felt some blood run down my cheek. Somehow I got on top of her and punched her across the face and I heard something crack. Avalon screamed while sounding in pain, "She broke my nose. God! It hurts so much. Get this animal off of me!" I said as she pushed me onto my back and got on top of me, "I am not animal. You started this fight first. Don't forget that." Avalon punched me in the eye and I knew that I was going to have a black eye in the morning. Some of Avalon's blood got on my hands as I tried to push her off of me by pushing her face away from mine. I must have touched her nose because she whimpered a little and bit my hand. I said bringing my hand to my chest, "Who in the hell bites someone when they're fighting?!?! That isn't fair." I saw a smile appear on Avalon's face and that brought the rage came rushing back. Avalon got off of me because she thought that I was done fighting but I was waiting for the right moment to attack again. I got up slowly and Shayla said to Avalon who had her back turned to me, "Avalon, she is getting up, turn around." Just as I was ready to kick Avalon's legs out from under her, she turned around and kneed me in the face. I felt some blood running down into my mouth but I wasn't going to let her win that easily. I grabbed her leg as she went to walk away and she tripped and hit the floor with a thud. I said tasting blood in my mouth as I spoke, "It hurts to be the one that hits the floor, doesn't it?" Avalon didn't say anything to me and I got up off the ground when a teacher came running over to the crowd that had formed around us. The teacher yelled to everyone in the crowd, "All of you get to class now! Any of you that are still standing here when I turn back around, you will have detention." With that being said, everyone cleared out except Avalon and I. I knew that I was in so much trouble and my mom was going to be called to come and get me. The teacher helped Avalon up and told us to both go downstairs so we could talk to the principal about what had happened.

-In The Principals Office-

I sat in the front of the main office while Avalon was in the nurses office getting her nose checked out. I said to myself, "Her nose was fake anyway. It's not like she can't get another nose job." The principal came out of his office where he had been talking to Andrea who was there to defend me. Principal Pratt said, "Come into my office, Ms. Setzer. We need to have a little talk." I took a deep breath and followed him into his office.

-25 Minutes Later-

I walked out of the principals office, 25 minutes later. I had been given a warning that if I got into another fight with Avalon, I would get kicked out of school for the rest of the year. I walked out into the hallway but on my way out of the main office, I pasted Avalon whose nose did get broken but I now had a black eye too. Neither of us came away from that fight without an injury of some sort. The hallway was empty except for.....

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