Magic and mysteries (Harry Potter Role-Play)

Magic and mysteries (Harry Potter Role-Play)

This is a role play for harry potter
leave your charecter profile in the comments and i will tell you if you have a place
here are some guidlines:

wand type:

ps: if you get assighned to the story please pass it on to the next apllicant,
thank you! :)

Chapter 1

the letter

There was a loud knock at the door that woke my little brother up "Leave it," my dad said "it's proberbly another 'free' telegraph for 99 pence".Suddenly a pile of letters slotted through the door "MOM,POST'S HERE!!!!" I yelled to my mother, as she came dowstaris, James crying in her arms. "I have eyes" she said "Oh yeah and they can see all the way downstairs" I mutterd, sarcastickly. I rummeged through the pile "Bill, bill, wedding invite, death threat, golden letter, pin number...wait a second, a golden letter," I flicked back to the gleaming envolope and read the name aloud "Zachary Ryans..." I separated my letter from the rest of the mail "Mom?" "yes, dear" my mother called, stil comforting James "I've got a letter, can I read it in my room?" I asked kindly, I'd noticed that the more polite I asked the more chance there was of my parents saying yes, "of course, dear" my mother replied.I charged up the stairs and ran into my room, slamming the door behind me.I peeled off the waxy seal and read aloud; "dear Zachary, you have been acepted to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, congratulations I look forward too seeing you, sighned Albus Dumbledoor, Headmaster of Hogwarts." I had known my parents were wizards for years, but they never told me that i would inherit their powers. "Mom, am I supposed to be a wizard aswell" I questioned my mother "yes, why?"she answered "because the letter said that I was to inroll at Hogwash or something!" "Drake!" my mother yelled to my Dad "Yes Maria?" my Dad replied
"Our boy has been accepted!" she yelled.


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