4 mile ( a spn and 8mile xover)

What if dean Winchester was a battle rapper by the name of rabbit? An 8mile/spn mash up with wincest dean is still a hunter in this.

Chapter 1

Scene 1

by: babyshady
I stand there at the cracked mirror waiting for the cue to go on stage to battle. I look at my scarred face and realise my lip was bleeding from my recent hunt. I was so disgusted by myself I vomited at the sight of the monster In the mirror. I wasn't always like that


when I first started dating Sam, my brother, my
mom started beating me.

"damn mom we're the only people we got! It's not like you support my rapping!"

"your a white rapper no one respects you!"

"and your a drunk, drugged up floozie! You know what mom? Me and Sam always hated you! We're outta your life! Go to hell!"

I left that moment and swore to myself I'll never talk to my mom or let Sam talk to her


Sam, the love of my life comes inside the bathroom. He has a loving look on his face as he says; "ya ready rabbit?" I turn around and say;"baby I was always ready" then I throw a few punches at the mirror and make my way to the stage.


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