Post-Mockingjay: The Capitol's Hunger Games

i made this a while ago when i was bored, as you can see. i don't update it much anymore but im editing what i already wrote in a word doc in my spare time, maybe i'll post it on a fanfic website (even though it's a bit cliche :P )
maybe i'll write another chapter eventually.
after i change the last one because it's depressingly rushed, from what i remember.

Chapter 1

The Reaping

by: gingiberi
It's all over. My world will end. Not even my Grandfather can help me now.
It was all over the news. It has been for days. The rebels have taken charge, and the war has ended. I thought certainly, since the Capitol overpowered the rebels in the Dark Days that they could do it again, but that was not the case.
Just a few days ago, many Capitol children were killed - not by the rebels, but by the Capitol. The Capitol! I can't understand why, all I know is that my big sister was killed in the bombing, and then just yesterday my Grandfather was sentenced to death, and Katniss Everdeen was going to perform the execution. I mean really! But then, instead of shooting my Grandfather, she shot our new leader, President Coin. It was actually kind of amusing, exept for what followed. See, President Coin fell to the ground and all was quiet. Then, my Grandfather burst out laughing! That would have been hilarious, except he was coughing out blood. I was horrified, and not even my sister could comfort me. After everything had calmed down, my Grandfather was found dead.
Then, as if things couldn't get any worse, the remaining victors voted on whether or not there should be another Hunger Games for the children of the Capitol.And Katniss voted yes for the Capitol Hunger Games, and that just tipped the scale, and that's why I'm here today. Roped up in this stupid pen. Waiting for the names to be called.
School has stopped for the time being, so that all the children can watch the Hunger Games all day long, so my two nine-year-old twin brothers are standing with our parents close to the stage. Since the Capitol bombing drastically decreased the number of children in our fair city, they've lowered the age limit to ten years of age. My brothers are just under the limit - they turn ten in three weeks - so nearly all of their school friends are in the running. They must be devestated. But then again, all my friends are here with me, too. I'm just thirteen, so I'm, you know... pretty scared.
Coupled with this, the children have in no way been prepared for this, seeing as Capitol children were never supposed to be in the Hunger Games. I'm no exeption, and the most dangerous thing I've ever handled is a butter knife, because I'm deadly afraid of everything sharp and/or pointy.
Not only am I young and untrained, but my Grandfather was probably the most hated person all across the Districts, so I'm bound to get chosen. Even that idiot Johanna Mason reminded the authorities that President Snow has grandchildren.
I don't have much more time to think about anything, because Effie Trinket is stepping up to the podium and I'm holding hands with my friends, who are squeezing their eyes shut. One of them is so afraid that she is hiding her face in my auburn hair. But it's no use. Nothing can hide her fear.
No time for anything else now. Effie reaches her hand inside the glass ball with the ballots for girls and grabs a handfull of them.

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