Somewhere In Brooklyn; Justin Bieber; Five; Part One

Part One of Part Two:D

Chapter 1

Chapter Five; Part One; Inner beauty

I decided to get up early the next morning, so I did. The air was cool and birds chirped outside my window. I showered and put on a summery dress and flip flops. Then I drove to the mall again.

I walked through it, looking through all the windows of the stores. I do this a lot, I'm not sure why. Its peaceful without all the pushy crowds. I ran my finger over the windows as I walked by them. Up ahead, I saw a familiar boy coming down the escalators. I smiled widely and ran to him.

"Hey Justin!" I grinned. He looked up at me and smiled in surprise. "Audri, hi!" He hugged me and I hugged him back, slightly taken off guard. "What are you doing here so early??" I asked.

He hesitated. "Don't laugh but, I do this sometimes at home. I get up early and go to the stores before everyone else wakes up." He laughed. I stared at him, smiling. "You're kidding! Me too!"

He laughed in surprise. "Wow.. really?" I nodded. "Weird.. but cool." I said, readjusting my purse strap on my shoulder. "Do you um, want to hang out today?" He asked me. I smiled. "Sure, why not." His face lit up as we fell into step, walking outside.

"You know, you look an awful lot like someone I used to know," He said, studying my face. "Really?" Wow. I didn't expect that, I thought. He nodded. "She's the princess of a different kingdom, very annoying." He grimaced. I laughed, "Lemme guess, she likes you?"

He nodded, shuddering. "Unfortunately. She's pretty of course, but not on the inside."

I thought this over. "So you think inner beauty is more important?" I asked him. He smiled at me softly. "Of course. Always and forever."


We walked through the mall a couple of times, and then I decided to take him along to see parts of New York. Maybe his princess person would be at the places we visited. But unfortunately, not. We went to some attraction sites, more shops, the park, nothing. We even tried going into a bar, but weren't allowed in.

My feet started hurting after walking for a day, so we rest on a bench under a tree in the park. Our talk turned to his job.

"So.. why do you have to marry THIS princess? Doesn't she have a sister?" I asked curiously.

"Our parents betrothed us as babies. So I kind of have to, even though she disappeared as a baby. I never remember her. And she DOES have a sister, Meredith, but she's married." He explained, and I nodded. "Hm.. so do you know her name? That'd narrow it down a lot," I mused.

He smiled sadly. "I wish I knew. Her parents never told the public her name, in an effort to prevent people from posing as her."

"Oh." I nodded again. My phone started vibrating in my pocket. "Hold on, I'm vibrating." I said as I twisted a little to get it out.

-Mark; text hey babe, where are you?? your parents just called mine because you haven't been home all day.

"Crap," I muttered under my breath as I replied.

-Audri; text sorry, with a friend. tell them i'll be home soon. = D

I turned to Justin. "We need to go, they're worried about me," I sighed. His face dropped and I bit my lip. "I'll call them, and tell them where I'm at instead.. so we can hang out longer." I said hesitantly, dialing the number. My mom answered on the first ring. "Audrielle Christina Stint, where have you been?!"

"Sorry mom, I'm with a friend at the park." I told her. "Which friend?" She demanded. "I'll tell you later okay? Love you bye," I said quickly, then hung up. He smiled at me, and I couldn't help but smile back. "You know I have to tell them who you are, right.." I said, and he nodded. "I know." He said softly.
Part two soon:)


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