Justin Bieber?? Dude. No. (girls only)(part 11)

Justin Bieber?? Dude. No. (girls only)(part 11)

so i know i said i wouldnt post until i got 15 comments.....but i got bored :P haha 10 comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

premieres, florida, and heart breaking ............</3

somehow, i dont even know how, i got my mom to let Missy and I to go to Florida with Justin and Christian. and guess what. since Usher owns the house we can go without an adult! but Justin and I are really responsible. kinda. anyways, my date with Logan last night went super well. we are officially together. i have the premier tonight, with logan. he was so sweet. oh crap! its 6! i only have an hour and a half to get ready!
i raced to the shower and hopped in. i blew dry my hair and curled it loosly. i had slightly heavy makeup, mostly just eyeliner, and mascarra, and a soft pink eye shadow. the i got dressed into ( outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/paige_premiere/set?id=28721876)
i grabbed my clutch and slipped on my jacket as the doorbell rang. i opened it and there was logan with a single rose in hand and a limo behind him. "aww! hi" i said and smiled at him. "hey gorgeous" he said and kissed my cheek. i giggled and put the rose in some water. he took my hand and i was off to the premiere.
~ next day ~
its 9 in the morning and we are leaving my house. Christian and Missy are in the back all cuddled up together and Justin and i are in the front. Justin is driving but we will switch at one and then again at 6. we wont get to miami until 8 o'clock tonight. but its worth it. Logan isn't too happy that i'll be gone for an entire week, but i said i'd call him every day.
~ 11 hours later ~
we pulled up to this amazing mansion. ( mansion: http://www.eliteluxuryservices.com/miami/waterfront-condos-villas-mansions-rentals.php ) it was amazing! i ran inside and i could not find the stairs for the life of me. i ran back outside and said "so this house would be so amazing! if.." justin looked confused. "if what!? this house is like 1.5 million dollars! what could it be missing??" He asked confused. "it would be amazing. if i could find the freaking stairs!" i said. he just looked at me and started laughing. "its not funny!!" i said but i was laughing too. his laugh was so cute! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND! urg these thought have been popping up in my head ever since he beat up Ryan for pressuring me. ugh. this is so annoying.
after a while justin came in and showed everyone where they were sleeping my room was so cute ( 3rd pic: http://freshome.com/2010/06/17/25-room-design-ideas-for-teenage-girls/ ) it wasn't really me but for a week it was cute. i was so tired. all day in the car? ugh! boring. i spent the entire time reading and listening to music and texting Lucy. she was at soccer camp this week. she gets time off though so whenever she doesn, if she isnt sleeping, shes texting me. i also text logan a lot. like almost all day! we havent eaten yet so we decided to go out for dinner. Missy and i looked so cute! ( outfits : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=28722487 ) then i turned around. "is that my outfit?" i asked her. i had gotten that outfit about a month ago at the mall with lucy. "um, maybe?" she said. she knew not to take my clothes without asking. "MISSY! thats my outfit! i havent even gotten to wear it yet!" i said. "you havent worn it yet?! DANG IT!" she yelled. i smiled. "$20! cough it up!" i said and held out my hand. she took a 20 dollar bill out of her purse and handed it to me. "and thats why you ask first!!" i said and smiled. my mom got so tired of us fighting whenever we took eachothers clothes without asking, that she made a rule. if we take clothes without asking we pay $10, if we take the clothes without asking and they havent worn them before its $20. usually it works out for me because i almost never borrow her clothes.
~ after dinner, at the house ~
we were all sitting watching Christian and Justin play video games. Missy turned in early and i went outside to talk to logan on the phone.
~ phone convo ~
L: hello?
P: hey. i miss you
L: i miss you too.
P: so what are you doing?
L: hanging with the cast. i got to go, later paige
and he hung up before i could say good bye. i sighed and sat down on the porch stairs. why was he acting so strange? oiy. boys are just totally confusing. i sat out there for a while. eventually i went inside and went to bed.
~ Next day ~
i woke up at five in the morning. i knew why too. i hopped up and changed. i ran outside to the shed and then ran to the water. i was surfing. at first the waves were calm and then they got rougher and instead of just laying there i was riding waves and pulling tricks. and then i woke up. it was just a dream. it was really 7 in the morning. but that didnt stop me. i changed into ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=28726896 ) and ran to grab a surfboard from the shed. i ran to the water and hopped in. i was surfing. for real. i was even pulling tricks. this feeling, i just can't describe it. it was amazing. i rode to the sand so i could get some food from the house. i was starving. i got to the sand and noticed Justin standing there in a tshirt and basketball shorts. "hi" i said. he rna up to me and hugged me and spun me around. "You surfed!! you havent surfed in a year! im so proud of you Paige!" he said. "thanks! i dont know why but i woke up and knew i should surf. it feels amazing to be surfing again." i said. "there is an amatuer comp tomorrow. sign ups are still open! you should do it! you would kick some serious butt!" he said. i considered it, "okay! i'll go for it!" i said and smiled. he ran inside to sign me up and i went to the house for lunch. i spent the rest of the day surfing and tanning. i was a little rusty but it was easier as the day wore on.
~ later ~ we went to get dinner again and i passed a magazine stand. i bouht a magazine and i'm glad i did. i was in my room in shock. i was staring at a picture of logan kissing his co star Alexandra daddario. i wipped out my phone and called him.
~ phone convo ~
L: hey paige.
P: why is there a picture of you kissing Alexandra in People magazine?
L: oh that. it was just a kiss. no big deal.
P: just a kiss? its not just a kiss! at least not when you have a girlfriend! or had actually.
L: what do you mean had?
P:we are over.
L: whatever. i should of known
P: known what!?
L: that i wouldnt get any. that was the whole point.
he hung p on me again.
i changed (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=28727221) and ran past Justin, Christian, and Missy. i flew out the back door and ran down the beach in the dark. i was crying. i should never have started dating again! i started walking back when i noticed someone walking towards me. "paige!" justin called. i ran straight to him and he wrapped his arms around me and let me cry into his chest. "i'm so sorry." he said. "how did you know?" i asked. "missy overheard the conversation." he said. i stopped crying and let him lead me back to the house. the only thing keeping me even the slightest bit happy is the surf comp. yay.


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