U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 11

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Chapter 1

The Best of Both Worlds

I was thinking about that when we pulled into the hospital parking lot. My mom said as she stopped at the front door, "Cheyenne and Justin go inside. Cheyenne fill out the paperwork and I'll be inside after I park the car." I said getting out of the car while trying not to put any pressure on my hand, "Sure, sure. Come on Justin, we don't have all day." Justin got out of the car and followed me inside.

-In The Emergency Room-

I filled out the paperwork that the receptionist had given me. I was so use to filling this things out because I've been in the hospital so many times. Like the time that I wrecked my dirt bike during a motocross race and broke my leg then there was the time that I had an accident snowboarding and a bunch of other accidents and injuries. Justin said breaking the silence, "Wow. You are really fast at filling those out." I said handing the receptionist the papers, "I should be by now." Justin asked as we went to sit down and wait, "How many times have you been in the hospital?" I said while trying to count in my head, "Um....17 times, I think." Justin asked in disbelief, "Really? Why?" I said looking at him, "Um...for injuries that I've obtained from sports and stuff." Justin asked looking at me with his beautiful brown eyes, "What kind of sports were you playing?" I said laughing a little, "Motocross is a very dangerous sport and so I's gymnastics." Justin said smiling when he heard me laugh, "I have never seen you race motocross or compete in a gymnastics tournment." I said looking away from his eyes, "I've been doing both since we were little kids." Justin said as my mom walked in, "I only remember you playing football, baseball, and basketball with all the boys." Just as my mom sat down the doctor called my name and I got ready to explain what happened.

-After We Got Out Of The Emergency Room-

We spent at least two hours getting my hand cleaned out and getting stitches. My hand got bandaged up and I couldn't move it at all and it bothered me. The doctor said that it would take at least three or four weeks for my hand to heal. When we got into the car, I pulled out my iPhone and texted Cody. Justin grabbed my phone from where he was sitting behind me and he started to read what Cody had texted back. I grabbed my phone back but not before.....


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