The Child of Destiny

This is my new story about god and goddess, if u would like to add a chapter to my story, plz messege me.

Chapter 1

A Mysterious Stranger

My name is Isis named supposedly named after my mother but sadly I never knew her for she died in childbirth according to my grandmother, and im 5’5 with platinum blond hair and baby blue eyes to die for, basically what most people would call perfect, when they are not thinking of you under the typical stereotype of being a dumb blond. You smile as you begin getting dressed for college thinking of your father you have vague memories him but he always seemed to be in and out of your life only showing up occasionally only to leave after a few days but you always cherished those few days you had with him which always ended with him giving u some lame excuse but not before telling you that he loved you and how much you looked like ur mother. Isis, breakfast is ready you hear a voice from downstairs calling you breaking your chain of thought. Finishing getting dressed you hurry down stairs to see ur grandmother who you call Eddie is at the table drinking tea, when you sat down at the table and started eating your grandmother glanced up at you from the tea she was drinking saying, Isis you look positively glowing, ur not pregnant are u? umm no Eddie you say quickly between bites of food, whatever would ever give u that idea it not like I have time for that with college and work. Well hmm maybe I was mistaken she says quietly taking a sip of tea but continues to watch you as if she was still deep in thought, but you would tell me if u were right? Of course Eddie you say smiling thinking what is up with her as up put ur dishes in the sink before kissing her goodbye on the cheek before leaving for college as she informs u that ur dad is coming tonight. Getting into ur car you drive to school which is only a few miles away from ur home, you park getting out of the car. Checking your phone u realize that ur going to be late if u don’t hurry, picking up the pace ur hurrying to your first class when you hear steps coming from behind you that are closing mirroring yours you stop and look behind you but don’t see anyone. Something not right you think as you start to walk again only to hear them start up again. You walk faster and make a sharp right turn and your grabbed roughly by ur arm and shoved against the wall covering your mouth. You will tell me what I want to know or I’ll silt your pretty little throat. Please don’t hurt me you mumble against his hand I have money in my purse you can have it just let me go. He smirks pulling his hood down and he has pale skin with odd tattoos on one side of his face his eyes are a deep green and his hair is short and jet black and he looks like a solider or an assassin the kind you hear about in stories. He removes he his hand slowly from your mouth placing a sharp knife against your throat just in case you got any bright ideas. What is ur name? he says forcing you to look into his eyes and you have no idea what’s happening but you feel compelled to tell him everything. My name is Isis, he barely bats an eye continuing his questioning, who is your mother? I don’t know you whisper as you try in vain to break eye contact. Liar, he sneers and your head begins to feel heavy and you feel dizzy as if your going to be sick. Im not lying you whisper, my father is Osiris. At the sound of the name he hisses angrily saying enough of your lies now, “Sleep” he commands and you fall into a dreamless sleep thinking what in the world is going on?


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