Why I hate Kat!(vampire story)

Its about a girl called Sarah whos life changes when she was driving home late one night.

Chapter 1

Sober driver, again!

Parties are meant to be fun but I being the only one past having a learners permit(I got a ristricted!!!!!!) am stuck driving my friends home!grr.. I sat down waiting for this to be over drinking OJ.

Finnaly it was 9:30 I yelled out to my friends"hurry up!!!" and went searching for them in the crowed of drunk teenagers dancing.I found Stacey first when I told her it was time to go she laughed like a crazy person and ran out the door stumbling as she went draging Sam her boyfriend with her saving me on less person to find.

I gathered up 2 people but for some reason I couldnt find Sophie, I decided to look out by the car for her she was there with Kat!kat is really annoying and I really hated her she and her friends stand around dissing other people and just being plain mean.

But anyways Sophie looked at me apologetically and said"Sarah can you please give her a ride home, she got left behind and she'll get in trouble with her parents if she dosent get home tonight and-" I cut her off "fine fine I'll do it just get in the car" I turned to unlock the door and whispered to sophie "Shes sitting in the back".

With Kat the trip around dropping off people took 20 minutes looker than usual(usual being half an hour), making me freak out because I could get demerit points!It was 10:20 and I was almost at the road to get to my house.I was so close to getting home so I stepped on the acelerater a little.

Out of no where I saw flashing red and blue lights behind me craaaaap a cop!!!

I gentley pulled over to the curb and wound down my window...

A blonde policewoman with really long hair steped up to my window 'Hi I have to ask for your licence please' I grabed my wallet mentally cringing and slipped out my licence "here" I said handing it over.

She saw my licence and reconized my last name and said "Do you know Ross Page" thats werid how does she know my Dad "Yes he's my Dad" and she goes I'll let you off because Ross is my friend but I'm going to call him to let him know you were speeding okay?" Inodded and said thank you wound up my window and drove away with the cop watching me drive away.

Rounding the corner I sighed and speed up to meet the speed limit.

One of the few things I liked about living on the farm was the long strech of road where you can drive really fast without worring about getting pulled over.I drove slower than usual because it was really dark.

I turned up the radio and started singing along and tapping the steering wheel and dancing as well as i could strapped into my seat.

Then two things happened at the sametime I got a text(from Kat) and Iooked down at it and a rabbit decided to scramble across the road!!!

I swerved quickly ending up in a ditch with blood running down my face and alot of it. I tried calling out for help but realized no one could hear me, i was miles away from anyone.I closed my eyes waiting for the pain to go away.

If I survive this I'm blaming Kat!

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