U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 8

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Chapter 1

If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

The hallway was empty expect for Justin who came running towards me when he saw me. I said once he was earshot, "I don't want to talk you now or ever again. How could you kiss me then go make out with Avalon?" Justin said once he got closer to me, "Cheyenne, she kissed me first." I snapped as I stated to walk away, "Just because she kissed you first didn't mean you had to kiss her back." Justin said grabbing my arm to make me stop, "I don't why I kissed her back. I wasn't thinking when I did that." I said before walking into the girls bathroom, "Of course, you weren't." I walked into the girls bathroom and I sat my backpack down on the floor and made sure that no one was in there. No one was in there so I turned to look at myself in the mirror and I had a black eye, a bloody nose, a busted lip, some bruises, and some scratches. I moved my jaw a little and it really bad probably from her kneeing me in the damn face earlier. The anger that I had felt when I had the fight with Avalon came back as I looked at myself in the mirror. I was so mad that I punched the mirror and the glass shattered. I felt pieces of glass go into my hand and it kind of hurt. I looked down at my hand and it was bleeding with pieces of sticking out of it. I winced when I tried to move my hand and when I tried to take the glass out of my hand. I decided after trying to do that, that I would have to just go to the nurse and see what she could do. I grabbed my backpack off of the floor with my good hand and opened the door to find Justin waiting for me. Justin asked when he saw my hand dripping blood, "What happened?" I said more out of pain then out of anger, "I punched a mirror and it cut my hand." Justin said stopping me and looking at my hand, "Let me look at it." I took my hand out of view and said, "I need to get to the nurse unless you want me to bleed to death here." Justin said as I walked past him, "You can't stay mad at me for forever. You have to forgive me at some point." I said walking into the nurses office, "I can stay mad at you until you leave for California then I'll never see you again."

-35 Minutes Later-

I came out of the nurses office with most hand bandaged up and with most of the glass out. I needed to go to the hospital to get it cleaned out better before it got infected. I walked out into the main office and I saw.....


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