U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 9

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Chapter 1

Shattered Glass

I saw my mom sitting in a chair talking to Justin. I wasn't happy to see either of those two. My mom must have seen me so she got up from her chair and Justin followed her. My mom said as I walked up to her and Justin, "Cheyenne Isabella Setzer. You are in big trouble when we get home from the hospital." I said just wanting to get some painkillers for my hand, "Sure, sure. Can we just skip the lecture for right now and just go to the hospital?" My mom asked grabbing my bandaged hand roughly, "What did you do?" I said wincing when she grabbed on my hand, "I'm surprised that he didn't tell you about everything." My mom said looking at me then Justin, "Justin said that it was your story to tell not his." I said taking my hand away from my mom, "I punched a mirror in the girls bathroom. If you don't believe me then you can go into the bathroom and see it for yourself." My mom said as we walked out of the office with Justin carrying my backpack that he had taken from me when I was talking to my mom, "What would your dad say about you getting into a fight then punching a mirror?" I said giving Justin the death glare for telling her about the fight, "Mom, don't talk about dad because he is dead, he probably doesn't care about me getting into a fight. Besides I don't want to think about how disappointed he would be." My mom said probably angry with me not only fighting but swearing in front of her, "Young lady, don't use that kind of language with me." I said as my hand was starting to hurt more, "Okay. Sorry mother. I need to go to my two last so I can get whatever I'm going to miss, okay? Just wait for me in the car." My mom was going to protest but Justin assured her that he would keep an eye on me and would be coming with us to the hospital. I groaned and mumbled, "This boy is becoming a pain in my a*. He is like a rash that I can't get rid of."

-After Justin and I Went To Our Class

When we were walking out of the school and we walked past Avalon and her mother who gave me a dirty look. I just rolled my eyes and said to myself, "Whatever, b***h. Your daughter started the fight." Justin must have heard me because he said, "Cheyenne, just be quiet for once please." I was going to say something to him until I ran into someone.......


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