love of the Marauders!! (a young James Potter love story)

love of the Marauders!! (a young James Potter love story)

okay so I've started writing the Sirius Black story and I've started on the stories of the other Marauders! so this is my James story and I hope you like it! please comment because I love hearing what people think of my stories because it helps me write better! in this story you are the animagus of a small grey wolf and you have a brother called Mason! so please comment and rate maybe favorite! your choice on the third one!!

Chapter 1

I was running late!

Your P.O.V.

My first day of school and I can't find my best friend, typical! Today was my first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and my best friend Remus said he would meet me on the platform but I couldn't find him anywhere! someone tapped my shoulder and I was about to start shouting because I was busy looking for someone when I saw that famous smile. "Remus!" I shouted giving him a hug. "where the hell were you?" I asked letting go of him. "I'm sorry okay I was running late!" I laughed and gave him another hug. We went on to the train and the only compartment that wasn't full was one near the end with two boys sitting in there laughing. I opened the door and they didn't even notice. "can we sit here please? all the other compartments are full" I asked and as I spoke they looked up shocked and then identical smirks rose across their faces. "sure" they said at the same time. one of the boys had jet black hair that was extremely messy but in a cute kind of way, he had brown eyes and a kind of devious smile. the second boy had black hair also but his looked more normal and it was kinda long, he had grayish-blue eyes and he had the same devious smile. "hi, I'm Sirius Black said the one with the longish hair. " hey, I'm __ _ and this is my best friend Remus Lupin" I said sitting next to the bot with messy hair. Remus gave a little wave and sat next to Sirius. "he's a little shy sometimes" I said with a smile and Remus gave me a look as if to say 'really?'. they all laughed at his expression and then I realized that the boy next to me hadn't spoken yet. "and whats your name you haven't spoken yet!" I said turning to look at him and he smiled. "James Potter" he said and I gave a little nod and went back to talking with Sirius and even Remus joined in after a while but James stayed silent. "alright James whats wrong you are never this quiet?" asked Sirius. "huh?.....oh nothing just tired thats all!" he answered but Sirius didn't believe him and neither did I. "yeah sure!" we both said at the same time and that made us laugh even more.

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