Judging A Book By It's Cover [A Jason McCann Love Story] INTRO

If you don't know who Jason McCann is, he's the Character Justin Played in his CSI Episode.
So Yeah. I want to make a story, for him.

Chapter 1


by: ImBack_
Kendra Wilkson: Her Age is 16. Black hair long, hazel eyes. Body is slim/skinny.

McKenzie McCoy: Her Age is 16. Hair long and black. Eyes are brown. Olive toned skin. Slim/skinny body

Scott Peppers: Age is: 17, Red hair, Blue eyes, Fit/slim

Rhina Reyes: Age is 16, Long redish/brown hair. Blue eyes. Kinda short. Slim/Skinny

Jason McCann: (Picture Justin Bieber as Jason McCann) Age is: 17.


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