U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 10

Enjoy and please comment! : )

Wow! I can't believe that I'm already writing part 10!

Chapter 1

Its Nice To Know That You Have A Heart

I ran into someone and fell down but unlike with Avalon, the person said, "Sorry. I wasn't paying attention. Here let me help you up." I said recognizing the voice of the person, "Its fine, Cody. I can help myself up." Justin said bending down to help me, "You're hand is hurt, you can't get off this floor on your own." I said forgetting my hand was hurt, "My hand is hurt. It's not like I have a broken arm or leg." Cody asked helping Justin by grabbing my backpack from him,"Cheyenne? Is that really you?" I said once I was off floor, "Yeah, Cody. It is me." Cody said handing Justin my bag, "It's been almost a year since I last saw you. What did you do to your hand?" I said not wanting him to see my face, "I punched a mirror." Cody asked realizing that I was keeping my head down, "Why are you hiding your face from me?" Justin said looking at me then Cody, "Just tell him, Cheyenne or at least just show him your face." I took a deep breath and lifted my head up so Cody could see. Cody asked reaching out to probably touch the cuts and make sure what he was seeing was real, "What happened? Who did this to you?" Justin said not letting me answer that for myself, "Your crazy ex-girlfriend Avalon did this. Avalon and Cheyenne got in a fight earlier." Cody asked as he touched a bruise on my cheek, "Why didn't you fight back?" I said liking how Cody's touch kind of made the pain go away, "I dis fight back. Obviously you haven't seen Avalon." Cody asked with a look of curiosity on his face, "What did you do to her?" I said trying not to smile because my jaw still hurt a little, "I broke her nose, busted open her lip, pulled out some of her hair, and scratched her face with my nails." Cody said smiling a little, "Wow. I can't believe that you broke her nose. She is probably pissed at you." Justin said interrupting Cody and I's conversation, "Okay. As much as I like the fact that you two are talking again. Cheyenne and I need to go to hospital. Her mom is waiting for us outside." Justin grabbed onto my arm that didn't have scratches or a bite mark and pulled me away from Cody. Cody yelled as Justin and I were almost to the stairs, "Hey Cheyenne! Call me when you get
home from the hospital! Okay? You still have my number, don't you?" I just smiled to myself because I secretly had a crush on Cody and I wad happy th- at we were friends again. Justin said as we walked out of the school, "You can wipe that smile off your face, Cheyenne." I said a little taken by him being rude, "Sorry. I didn't know me smiling was a bad thing." Justin said we reached my mom's car, "It is a bad thing when Cody is the reason that you're smiling. May I remind you that he was the reason that Avalon turned against you in the first place." I said as I opened the car door, "Things have changed, Justin." Justin snapped as we closed our doors, "Nothing had changed, Cheyenne. You and Avalon are still the best of enemies." I didn't say anything back, I just turned on the radio as we drove to the hospital and the song, 'Secrets' by One Republic started playing. I started singing along and Justin joined in at some point in the song. But hearing him sing just reminded me that he wouldn't be in school with me on Friday because he would be on a flight to Los Angeles. I was thinking about that when.....


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