Naruto 7 Minutes in Heaven(read description)

Naruto 7 Minutes in Heaven(read description)

So the quizzes dont have enough space so each chapter is a different person.So since I am a hopeless anime addict and I love Naruto I dicided I would make a 7 minutes in heaven quiz.So ya I guess some might be a little dirty.(or not idk)
BELIEVE IT!!or DATTEBAYO (I still like Believe it better...)

Chapter 12


"um Ni-" "psst" Naruto whispered. You looked at Naruto and saw him whisper 11 to you." "um 11." You said. "YEAH BELIVE IT ME ME ME!!!" Naruto shouted. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into the closet. "why did you want me to choose you Naruto?" you asked. " Because well um." You saw Naruto turn red for the first time in your life. "what spit it out Naru-" Naruto softly pressed his lips on yours, pulled away and then turned blood red. "I like you." He said turning a bright shade of red. "Naruto." "Its just that your not afraid of me like some other people are and I really like that about you." Seeing Naruto blush so much made him look cute. This uncontrollable urge made you pounce on Naruto and kiss him sweetly. Naruto wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into a deeper kiss. You both pulled away for air. "I...I.kissed a girl believe it." He said panting. You giggled Naruto can be so cute at times. Naruto started kissing up and down your neck and you reacted by messing up his hair and pulling the collar of his sports jacket. "Do more please." Naruto pleaded. "what are you saying Naruto" you asked. "do more." He said grabbing your hand and sliding it under his shirt. You gasped feeling Narutos abs. You knew exactly what he was talking about but in his closet. You hesitated and got off Naruto. "No-no its okay Master Jiraiya said this is what all girls want." He said pulling off his pants. You turned away blushing. "Okay you guys your time is-Oh my god Naruto!!!" Kiba shouted opening the door. "Kiba its not what it-" "WE GOTTA R@PER!! 911" Kiba shouted. Sasuke Lee and Neji then grabbed Naruto and pulled him out of the closet. You couldn't help but laugh.

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