Naruto 7 Minutes in Heaven(read description)

Naruto 7 Minutes in Heaven(read description)

So the quizzes dont have enough space so each chapter is a different person.So since I am a hopeless anime addict and I love Naruto I dicided I would make a 7 minutes in heaven quiz.So ya I guess some might be a little dirty.(or not idk)
BELIEVE IT!!or DATTEBAYO (I still like Believe it better...)

Chapter 2


"2 !!! Yeah I think its a 2." You said not sure of the writing. "OH HECK YEA!!! I GOT THE HOT CHICK WHOOOO!!!" You got a cold shiver down your spine because you knew who it was. "Kankuro" you mumbled. "yeah babe I can't wait either. So lets goo!!" he yelled dragging you into the closet with him. He closed the door behind you guys. "Well make your move." he said slyly taking off his shirt. Your eyes got wide when you saw Kankuros body but something made you walk toward him. You place your hands on his chest. You blushed and looked up at Kankuro. "aww you look so cute when you blush." He said moving his fingers. "chakra strings." You whispered. "heck yea you didn't make your move fast enough." Just then he pulled you in for a kiss. You kissed him back but you shrieked when you felt him squeeze your butt. You slapped him, he chuckled, released his chakra strings on you and rested his hands on around your waist. "guess I deserved that." He whispered. "yeah you did." You responded in an angry tone. "I like your pouting face. Its cute." He smirked and then went down to kissing your neck. You responded by nibbling his ear. "I like that." He purred. "I knew you would." You smirked. "I like bad girls." He smirked in return. You both then began seriously making out, and you enjoyed it even though every now and then he would tug at your pants or grab your butt. You two began tongue wrestling until Naruto busted in. "Okay Kankuro you can let go of her now your 7 minutes is up." He grumbled. You both left the closet smirking

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