Naruto 7 Minutes in Heaven(read description)

Naruto 7 Minutes in Heaven(read description)

So the quizzes dont have enough space so each chapter is a different person.So since I am a hopeless anime addict and I love Naruto I dicided I would make a 7 minutes in heaven quiz.So ya I guess some might be a little dirty.(or not idk)
BELIEVE IT!!or DATTEBAYO (I still like Believe it better...)

Chapter 3


"3" you said bored. Nobody stepped forward. "Well whoever is 3 I'll be waiting for you in the closet." you walked into the closet and immediately bumped into somebody. "Ouch" you looked up and saw Neji looking at you with his Byakugan. "You perv-" Neji covered your mouth with his hands, and looked at the door. "good she is not coming." He whispered. You smacked Neji's hand away from your mouth. "what the hell are you doing?" you asked. "Ten-Ten asked me to go out with her.." He sighed. "eww!" you said in disgust. "Yes thats what I said. I dont find her attractive at all. She makes it obvious that she likes me and the just the pairing of us makes me sick." You couldn't help but laugh all this time you thought Neji liked ten-ten but he actually doesnt (HINT HINT WINK WINK GET IT!!) Just then Neji covered your mouth with his left hand and held you close to him while his right hand held the door knob. You looked at him and he looked at you and blushed. "I-Its Kiba he must want to be in the closet with you." Just then you heard a badly disguised voice of Kiba's. "go away Kiba!" you shouted. He left shortly after ,but Neji still held you close to him. You removed his hand and asked him what was wrong. "You smell like raspberries." He purred in your ear. This sent chills up and down your spine. "Y-Y-Yeah its a new body spray." You said bashfully. "I like it." He started brushing his lips on your cheek. Neji turned you around and stared at you. "I wonder was it destiny for us to meet in here?" he questioned. You were about to answer but he grabbed your chin and kissed you softly, but then more passionately. You two went on kissing for however long you wanted, and lets say it ended how you wanted it too.

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