Tell Them That Its Human Nature- A Michael Jackson Love Story Chapter 23

If you are still reading this thank you so much, I know I have been gone for a looooooong time, but if there are still MJ Fans out there reading this thank you so much,

Chapter 1


Insanity seems like a good excuse when you start to become so impatient for something that you do not know what to do, but go crazy. That day Michael left was hurtful, but it was worse when I found out I would not know when he would decide to come back. The first thought that filled my mind after the first week of waiting up all night for my fiance to come home, was that “ Oh my God! Michael is gone, what am I going to do?” Then the real news hit, Michael had left me by myself to not just take care of a baby, but to also take care of Janet, Randy, LaToya, and to answer to the rest of his siblings.
I mean what I could really say. “Oh your dad was a no good cheat, and he finally got busted. So yeah, your mom couldn’t take anymore, and just packed up her bags and left”? If you were in my place, how crazy does that seem to you?
I sat at the kitchen table, trying to get Mykell to eat her lunch, but the only thing my little girl would do was look at a picture of Michael, her and I in a locket that her father got her the week after she first came home. In one side was the picture, the other was an inscription saying, “To Mommy’s and Daddy’s most wonderful and important P.Y.T…..”
One thing about our daughter was how she was so much smarter than she should be for her age. She pointed to the picture with a smile on her face, which soon fell. I did not know if she understood what was going on, or if she was just randomly pointed and frowned. Just being a baby, not aware of what she was doing. However, just that look itself forced me to pick up the house phone and dial Michael’s number. The phone rang, but nothing more………..
I sat in the kitchen; it was almost four in the morning. Joseph walked barely looking at me. I couldn’t really say that I hated Joseph, he wasn't my father, and I was no character to judge, but he did keep pushing my buttons!
I waited for Michael to get back. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours, and hours into days. With both her mother and her brother gone, Janet was just moments from breaking down. She was so young, she didn’t need this, no one did. I was in the kitchen feeding Mykell, when I heard Joe and Rebbie arguing. I closed my eyes, this has been happening since Michael left.
Joe grabbed Rebbie by her wrist and I hear Rebbie whimper. I got up, placing Mykell in the high chair next to where I was sitting. The sickening sound of skin on skin contact filled the room as I walked in. Rebbie had tears running down her eyes and blood oozing from the corner of her mouth. She was struggling against Joseph.
“Enough!” I shouted. “ That’s enough, d am* m it!”
Joseph turned his head to me, “ Stay out of this.”
“ I wont! I’m (f uck i ng) tired of this! That’s why Katherine left, and now Michael! You have to stop!”
He let go of Rebbie, who ran out of the room, I followed shortly, knowing Joe wouldn’t dare put his hands on me. For once, if he did, I would fight back just as Michael did.
Rebbie had gone home and only returned when Joseph wasn't around.
Tito called one night, around 1 am.
"Hey Abby. Is Michael home yet?"
I shook my head, "No, have you heard anything?"
"No, but Joseph seems to be taking things rough."
"He's been drinking. A lot. Getting more violent."
"Has he hit you?" Tito asked.
I shrugged, " A couple of times, but I manage to hit him back."
" Maybe Dee and I can come up and visit, you know help out? Rebbie said Janet is sick, and LaToya isn't home til late."
"Um, I'm not so sure T, I don't know if you can handle it."
"Abby, we can, anyways, I want to see my little sisters and my niece, Mykell shouldn't be around Janet, sick and all."
I sighed," I know, but I cant leave my baby with someone, even family."
"I understand." He said quietly, knowing I was really going through a lot.
" Call if you hear something."
"Sure thing Abby." He hung up,and Mykell started to cry. My heart beat started to pound against my skull.
"Shush, now. Please." I begged the baby, rocking her back and forth. My own tears running down my face. I heard the door open, thinking it was either a drunk LaToya, or an even drunker Joseph. The foot steps grew closer to the kitchen, in a slow stride.
"Abbigail?" A voice asked. I knew that voice only to well, and turned sharply to see who it belonged to.
"Katherine?" I asked shocked.
She set down one of her bags, as I ran up to hug her, tears running down my cheeks in faster flows. Knowing her grandmother, Mykell stopped crying.
Katherine patted my hair, " Its okay, everything is okay now."
I just shook my head sobbing, my spirit honestly felt tired, and I wanted to be held, it was like I was replaced with Mykell.
"Everything is better than okay, you're home." We both laughed, at this time, that's all we could do. When all you know is depression and pain, laughing just comes like a foreign and exciting passage- curiosity gets the better of you.
I laugh more then I should, more tears roll down my cheeks as I do. "What about Michael?" I ask. Katherine reached for Mykell, and without hesitation I handed her to her grandmother. She rocked the baby back and fourth for a while, quietly thinking about what to say.
"Michael...He's been in Alabama for a while." She started. My eyes widened in shock, but I remained quiet, wanting to know the whole story.
" He came a week after I left. He stayed with me and his grandmother. He told us that he needed to leave and reconstruct his life. He said that he felt like he was loosing hold on his self and what he stood for. I heard what he did to Joseph and we both agreed that that wasn't like him. I advised him to stay awhile and think things through like I did." She stopped. I swallowed, trying to make sure everything sunk in.
"That night happened so fast. We all made mistakes that shouldn't have been made." I said my head down, reaching for a chair, to have needed support. I looked back up to Katherine. " But how could the two of you leave?!?!? You left me to deal with everything! And I cant handle it, any of it! You and Michael needed to get away from everything and deal, well what about me? Rebbie? Janet? LaToya has been in and out of the house, stinking drunk cause everything she knew crumbled. Joe, has been just as worse, and now Rebbie wont even come to help with it all. I've been by myself Katherine! And-and, I'm not as strong as you."
I couldn't seem to cry anymore, like every tear gland dried. I just stood shaking. She sat me down, and handed a sleeping Mykell. I cradled my daughter like she was my life source,and if I didn't I would die that moment. Katherine patted my cheek, a mother's gesture that I had grown so accustom to from her that I leaned into her hand.
" Abbigail. You've shown so much strength these past weeks. Even more strength than I. You could have easily ran away from it all like I did, but you didn't. You stuck through this to what is now the very end. I have to admit that I am so proud of you, and I pray that you can find the compassion in your heart to forgive me, for leaving this burden on you." She said, tears finally falling. I hugged her.
"Katherine you are the closest thing to a mother I have. The only reason why have as much strength is because I grew up watching you. I could never be angry at you." I spoke.
The front door opened, in walked LaToya, more like stumbled in. I handed Mykell to Katherine and reached for her.
"Abby! Abby! Youwill not beeeelieeeeve the niiiiightIhad!!!" She slurred her breath reeking of alcohol.
"Shush, why don't you sit down and tell me. And Katherine." I said pointing out her mother's presence. Her eyes widened in shock, like how her face looked when she experienced angry assaults from Joseph.
"Ma-ma-mama?" She gulped," What are you doing here? Why are you here? You left! What do you want!"
Her voice grew harsher with every word she spoke. Katherine didn't look as taken aback this time, as she did when I hollered.
" Nice to see you too, LaToya Yvonne." She said using her full name. There was a deep tension coming from La Toya's end. She just glared and turned to me.
"Anyways, Abby. Girl you should have came to the club with me." She smiled totally forgetting her mother's presence. Katherine just took Mykell out of my hands and up the stairs.
La Toya and I sat down at the table, and she began to explain what had happened at the club.
" So I was sitting at the bar and this man kept looking at me. He finally stood up and asked if he could buy me a drink and I said,' Why, I have money to buy one myself.' And you know me, I winked at him and let him buy me a couple of drinks. So he started to compliment me and say I was so beautiful and that I should be a model. Can you believe that Abby, ME a Model??? So he said that he wanted to see more of me and then he did something I never expected him to...."
She stopped waiting to see if the suspense would kill me, and honestly it did. I think some good gossip was really all I needed right now. If it didn't have to deal with Joseph, Michael, or anything that happened at home had to do with what had happened.
" And???"
She took a deep breath. "He proposed!!!!"
She stuck her left hand in my face and on her ring finger was a large diamond ring with a solid gold band.
"Oh My Lord," I breathed," That's beautiful."
" Isn't though. We have the wedding planned for August."
My eyes widened. "Um, wow, that's in two months."
" I know! This is just perfect." She exclaimed in a dream like trance.
"Wait! Toya, you cant be serious. You're going to marry someone you just met in club, who got you drunk, and then proposed? That seems a little hasty, I mean, what's this guys name???"
She rolled her eyes, "Abby, calm down. His name is Jack Gordon, and he owns a hotel in Vegas. He also managers women with talent, and he wants me. I mean, I know it might not be traditional like you and Michael"
That stung.
" But at least he thinks I'm something special."
"What?" I asked shocked. "Toya, we all think you're special! Michael (shutter) wouldn't be helping you with your singing career if you didn't."
" Oh yeah, that's what I want to be known for! Some chick who's brother got her to a false fame! God, Abby I thought you'd be happy for me. Joseph is outside meeting him, and after he heard how he wants to help me become a model, he was all for the marriage, why cant you be?"
I sighed. "Toya, I am happy for you. I just think you rushing stuff, I mean I'm sure you can make it to the top with out marrying him.-"
" Abby, I love him! He's the only one who sees me as something more than one of the sisters of the Jackson's."
She looked angry and I couldn't help but feel upset at what I said to my friend.
" La Toya, I am happy for you. And if you need anything, I'll be there for you."
She squealed and hugged me tight.
"Abby! You don't know how happy I am. I want you to be my maid of honor, then Rebbie can be my maiden of honor! Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! There is so much preparation to be made! Oh look at the time, I have to go!"
I looked at her confused, "What? Where are you going?"
"Oh, Jack is waiting in the car for me, but I'll be back in a week so we can start planning the wedding, eek!" She hopped out of her seat, seeming completely sobered. I got up and ran to front door of the house to watch La Toya hop into the car I believed belonged to Jack Gordon. They pulled off leaving an hysterical Joseph.
He walked into the house," Well ,well, I don't believe it. My Toya getting married to a rich business manager, he's white, but he's got money. So when are you and little Mikey going to be jumping the broom Abbycake?"
He walked past me, smiling widely. I just shook my head in disgust. He paused as he saw Katherine.
"Katie, you're home! Baby you don't know how much I missed you and how much I am sorry!" He started to beg. Katherine just put her hand up to stop his groveling and turned to me.
" Abby, Mykell is asleep, and you should be going to bed too."
I just nodded, climbing up the stairs that belonged to Mykell and I, and also formally Michael. But before I could open the door, I heard Joe and Katherine speaking.
" Katie, everything is messing up, you gotta take me back, please?"
" Joe, you messed up, you tried to control me, and the kids, but we all grew up. Except you."
"Katie, please.''
" Look, I don't believe in divorces, but we do need to split up. You can leave when you're ready."
I heard footsteps come towards where I was standing I quickly rushed into my room.
Another week went by, things finally seeming like normal. Whatever the Hell that meant. I had to go out and take care of some business for my and Michael's Cd. There was still an aching hole, in my heart, where he filled, but I was able to get past it to keep living for my daughter and my career. Char and I were at a meeting, with the men funding Michael's Thriller Cd.
"Look, if Jackson doesn't finish this by the deadline of three weeks, then we are dropping the idea." Alex said angrily.
"Look, I understand that, but if you give us a little more time-"
"B ulls***!" He spat angrily, "The brotha' has made us wait long enough, and spent too much money on a f ***in' Cd, we aren't even sure will sell." He finished.
"It will, have faith in Michael. We just need more time, a week? That's all I'm asking for. Just one extra week to the deadline, and the whole Cd will be finished. Please." I beg.
"Fine, but it better have every song. Goodbye, Miss James." He got up, flanked by his two lawyers. I sigh, leaning back into my seat, covering my eyes with my hands.
"Do you honestly think you can get that Cd finished in a month?" Char asked.
"Having a Cd done, in October, so that it will be in store by November, and the singer isn't even here? Sure easy friggin peasy." I growl.
"I heard from Katherine this morning, that he called." She spoke.
"What? Really? What did he say?" I ask.
She shrugged, "Katherine didn't say, she just told me to tell you."
I gathered all my stuff,"I have to get home." I say smiling slightly, rushing out the cafe`.
I arrived home, to an seemingly empty house. "Hello?" I called walking up the stairs, wondering where Katerine was. "Anyone home?" There was a shuffling in the room that Mykell and I stayed in. I held my infant daughter closer to me, in a possion, that if necessary, I could place her down, and defend the two of us. I stopped behind the opened door of my room, my breathing quickening. As I slowly stepped in to face whoever it was in my room, I just thought about my daughter, and how in hell would I get her to safety. "Hello?" I asked one last time making my presence known.
"Abby?" The voice I hadn't heard in what feels like forever called out.
"Michael?" I asked shocked. He looked different, his hair was wet and he just seemed to be in clothes he found and through on.
"H-hey." He stuttered nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.
I couldn't help the excitement I felt for him as I charged, wrapping my free arm around his neck, kissing his lips intensely. He didn't kiss back until moments I was about to break the kiss. The warmth on his lips was amazing, warmth I hadn't felt in a while. And thats when I realized, Michael was back, after leaving his daughter and I for a few months.
"Dada?" Mykell, spoke for her first word, she was only a few months old, and she could babble her first word? And for some reason, that two syllable word, erupted a new kind of anger in me. I slowly pulled away, sitting Mykell on my bed. I turned back to Michael who looked ashamed. I couldn't controll the anger I was feeling, my body had a mind of its own, and I noticed that when my hand made direct contact with Michael's face, a loud SMACK filling the silent room.
"How the hell could you? You absolute j ack a** I cant believe you did this to me and your own daughter!" I pushed him down, "Months? F u***** months without a f u***** phone call or letter? Me making sure that everything you started could be finished! And you just left! How dare you!"
"Abby, I am so sorry." He whispered.
"Oh you're sorry ? I asked spitefully. "Really? That is complete b/u/ll **** and we both know it. Say sorry to your sisters and brothers who wasted a huge amount of worrying about you and wondering if you were okay. Or to Janet and LaToya, who were getting hit around by Joseph cause you decided you couldn't take anymore. LaToya who is about to marry God knows who, and doing God knows what anymore!" Or your daughter, who looked at your picture everynight wondering where in hell her daddy could be! Or your fans, who have to wait almost a year for your next release, or the people paying for everything ready to cut the line, putting Char and I in debt that we cant get out of! You're right though, Michael Joseph Jackson, you are sorry, a sorry peice of ****!"


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