Why are there two of you? year 1 (A weasley twins love story)

Why are there two of you? year 1 (A weasley twins love story)

Her name is Brittany Sophia Jordan (She's Lee Jordan's sister)
She has long, black hair with brown highlights
She has light brown eyes
She loves muggle music
She goes to school the same time as the twins and Lee

They aren't going to like, like each other till third year so please be patient :)

Chapter 1


"Where's my lucky braclet!?" I asked to no one in particular.
" Why do you call that ghastly thing lucky?" my brother, Lee asked, leaning on my door frame.
" Because, I've been luckier than you everytime I wear it." I answer, digging under my bed.
Me and Lee were almost twins, except he was born 20 minutes before me. We almost look exactly the same, except for my hair, eyes, and I'm a girl. Our personalitys are also different. Once, mum and dad put us in a muggle school to see how we would do. I was very good at all the sports, while Lee was the class jokster. A week after we started though, we were kicked out because we had gotten into a fight with this kid. Let's just say, the kid was bungee jumping in the air by his undies.
Anyway, I was about to crawl under my bed when Lee said "Catch." He tossed something in the air and I caught it. I looked in my hand and saw that it was my lucky braclet.
" Where did you find it?" I asked
" In my pocket." he said with a smirk.
I rolled my eyes at him.
" Never mind. Watch. When I put on my braclet, we'll finally get our letters." I say, slipping the braclet on.
" We only have three days left till Hogwarts. What makes you think-"
" Kids! They've finally came!" mom yelled from downstairs.
I smirked at him and ran downstairs, followed by Lee.
When we got downstairs, mum and dad were holding our letters like it was a check for 2 billion dollars They handed us our letters and we both ripped them open.
When we finished reading them, dad started talking.
" The Weasley's also got their letters today, so we will be going to Diagon Alley tommorow with each other.They'll be coming over to the house tommorow morning." He says.
The Weasley's and our family are long-time friends. Our parents went to school at the same time and everything. Some how, they were able to keep in touch, and I remeber when we were eight, we met them and all seven of their kids. We became friends right away with all of them. Lee and the twins kicked it off almost immediantly. I didn't trust them at first, but after I got them back for a prank, we were friends.
" Yes!" Lee said.
" Yay! I get to tell Ginny about the new muggle music!" I say.
" Muggle music? Really?" Lee says.
I stick my tounge out at him and go upstairs. The rest of the day went by quickly. By the time it was time for bed, I felt like I was about to fall out. I flopped on my bed, then got back up and changed my clothes to pj's. I flopped back on the bed, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

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