Stuck In The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 66

My Computer is broken right now. Im using my uncle's laptop. Until i get a new computer....i might not be online as much.

It's rushed so don;t judge.

Chapter 1

Chapter 66

by: ImBack_
Brooke's POV:

I hope i was misunderstanding what he was saying. I was hoping it didn't mean what i thought it meant.
"What are you talking about Logan?" I said rasing an eyebrow.

He stayed quiet for a bit before chuckling.

"Not in that way." he said crossing his arms loosly. I giggled a little embrassed.

"We have a movie idea...and we want you to be in it." He said as he began to walk. I followed behind. Movie? I don't really think about movies at all. I don't even think i can act.

I looked at him a bit confused.

"We thought you would be perfect for the movie. It is a very interesting story...i mean..." He trailed off for a second, as if thinking about something.

"It's a great story line. I mean unless you don't want to do it than you don't have to. there is no need to." I looked at him with my mouth hung open.

"Is that a yes?" He smiled.

I didn"t know what to say. I really don't think i can do this. I mean i have a album coming up i con't do a movie.

Justin's POV:'s life? Good so far. But being away from Brooke showed me something. I don't think it's going to work. I'm pretty sure she feels the same way. When it comes down to it...we are not made for each other. It's probably just a fling we had. Do i love her? Yes. Am i in love with her? No.

I'm not going to lie about it. This is going to hurt me more than her.

Brooke's POV:

I just noticed how peaceful without Justin i am. After the jog i went home. Walking in with sweat running down the sides of my face.

"Grandma....i don't think i can do this anymore." I said leaning agaisnt the wall.
She looked at me confused.

"What are you talking about?"

"Being married...i can't do it anymore." Her head snapped up as those words came out of my mouth.

"Divorce?" She said in a hushed tone.

I nodded, before sighing lightly. This wasn't going to work from the start. How can i be so stupid.

I should have known, because since the start everyone said."You're not going to make it."
I should have just listened. This is going mess jake up too. What kind of family is this?

Not a good one. Jake is going to have to stay with me or Justin...did i mention...the movie's in London?

Looks like everything is coming to an end.

Like i knew it would.


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