I don't really feel like adding one in... So enjoy! :)

Chapter 1


You stare at me,
Like a creep in the shadows,
Staring me down.
Hard and furious,
Impresses me the very least.
With those harsh eyes fixiated on me.
Makes the slightest fragment of my interest.

Your eyes fixed upon the Blonde with the large Emerald eyes,
And me,
The Raven haired, with dark Blue-Hazel eyes

If you came to play,
You came to the wrong place.

Our hearts are set on the dance floor,
Our hearts are only meant to keep us alive through the night,
Raging heart beats through every song,
Such melodies reunite the lost portions of our mere insecurity.
Bringing us a hand full of confidence, to last us the night.

Impeccable isn't it?
But you can't have it,

As you stand there like a Puma in the dark shadows,
Awaiting to pounce and claim your prey,
But little do you know...
The warriors are in such tiny bodies.

Your taste,
Bittersweet lifeless nights alone...
Gets to you.
That's too bad,
Not even the prettiest, or the dullest will give in.

Such arrogants in such a Man.
In such a Man, makes all the others flee.
Flee like roaches when the light is turned on.
We scatter,
For the girls room,
For the door,
For the car.

It doesn't matter!

And all you can think of is the girl youl lost,
The girl who walked out on you,
The first,
You hoped your last.
Till they all fell one at a time,
Out your door.
Running for the hills,
As your world came down in flame.

Has gotten the worst of you...
And has given you the least sympathy like all the other girls,
Karma is giving you some decentcy to move on...
But has shone you just how ignorant you truly are.
Just how you have to stop,
And yet you're still hunting.

But you're not the hunter tonight,
It's what you thought to be the Game is after you.
Once and for all,
To chase you,
Bound you,
And execute the demon within you with a lethal exorcism....


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