I Think... I Love You (A Gaara Love Story)

I Think... I Love You (A Gaara Love Story)

Name: Vivvain Renka
date of birth: March 13 on a Friday (bad day to be born bcuz the first baby born u had to have a demon named Gaap Prince of hell, intensifies love and hatred; transporter demon but he stays in u bcuz of the mark they gave u to keep him inside.)
interests: killing people bcuz u were hunted down bcuz of Gaap.

Chapter 1

Birth/ First Day

~~~It was said that the first baby born on Friday the 13 will have to carry a demon. My baby was born first. When she was born, i was able to give her a name and then leave because I wasn't allowed to see her. After I gave birth, they sealed in a demon named Gaap, who would transport from person to person but we were able to catch him, into her. He can't cause harm anymore.~~~

"Great. school" i mumble. I open my eyes to see my sister April right in my face. "GET OUT OF MY FACE YOU BRAT!!" She got out of my face then left. I looked at the clock and i had one minute to get dressed and got to the academy. I hurried and looked for my sister but she was already gone. It was my fist day at Sunagakure. I had herd about a kid that had a demon like me and everybody hated him. They thought he was a monster. I found him by a tree all alone. I saw three guys walk towards him, laughing.
"HAHA!! Oh! Look at what we have here! We have.. IT!!!"
"Yea, IT! What should we do to it?"
"I don't know." After the third one said that, the kid moved closer to them and the three kids ran away screaming. I moved to say hi and when i got there, he asked, "Why don't you run away like the rest of them?"
"Why? I just meet you and i don't even know your name. Mines Vivvain. What's yours?"
"Oh, well, hi Gaara! How are you?"
"..." And then, a girl came and said, "Gaara! There you are! Time to go home."
"Is that your sister?"
"Yes, and i have an older brother."
"I have a sistar but she's adopted. See you later, Gaara!"
**Gaara's point of view**
Temari: So, you made a friend?"
Gaara: "Yes. So what?"
Kankuro: "So... did you get her name?"
Gaara: "Vivvain." and the got home.

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