I Think... I Love You (A Gaara Love Story)

I Think... I Love You (A Gaara Love Story)

Name: Vivvain Renka
date of birth: March 13 on a Friday (bad day to be born bcuz the first baby born u had to have a demon named Gaap Prince of hell, intensifies love and hatred; transporter demon but he stays in u bcuz of the mark they gave u to keep him inside.)
interests: killing people bcuz u were hunted down bcuz of Gaap.

Chapter 2

Chunin Exams

**Ur P.O.V**
After that first day that I meet Gaara, I started to hang around him. About three years after meeting him, he gave me a necklace to remember him by because I was moving to the Leaf Village to train for the chunin exams. I said goodbye and left. That's when i meet team 7. They had a goofy kid named Naruto, a kid with hair like a duck's butt named Sasuke, and a girl who loved duck butt named Sakura. They all meet me and then their trainer, Kakashi, came and let me be in their group. Great i thought. I kept to myself but Naruto was annoying the crap out of me so i punched him. It was the day of the exams and I decided to get something to eat first. I was eating when I saw three people come up and looked at me, Ino (A girl who also loved duck butt), Shikamaru (A lazy guy), and Choji ( a guy who loved to eat). I looked at them and then saw a kid I new. I almost chocked on the food I was eating. Ino noticed me and said, "Do you know them?"
"Maybe. Why do you want to know?"
"'Cause I can!" she yelled at me. I flashed a smile at the guy in the middle and I could see happiness in his eyes. Then Ino pulled me away because the exams were starting soon. We got there and then they told us that we had to go into the forest and receive a scroll. If you had the Heaven scroll you had to get the Earth scroll. I got separated from my group so i decided to get both scrolls and just go back. I was on my way back when stopped and just sat in a tree. I herd something and looked down. I saw Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro. Gaara was in a bad mood. He did his favorite move, Sand Coffin. All of a sudden, I smiled and he got the scroll and went back. After a while I went back too. I was the first one from my group to be there so I sat down and waited. Then Temari came over and sat down.
"Hay! You look familiar? Have I seen you before?"
"Maybe. What's it to ya?" Then Gaara came in and sat in the middle of us.
Temari got up and said, "Guess I'll let you guys have a little time. Have fun!"
"Hn." we both said. We both looked at each other and then there was an awkward silence. This is the first time we meet since I had to leave and there is already an awkward silence!
"What are you doing here?" Gaara asked.
"What does it look like?" I said in reply. he just looked at me. I looked back at him.
Then, Kankuro yelled, at the top of his voice, "VIVVIAN!!!!! I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!" He was running when he said that. I felt an arm around my waist pull me and Kankuro fell on his face. I looked at the hand and then looked at Gaara.
"Ouch!!!! That hurt!!!!!! Hey!!!! Just who-" He looked at Gaara's hand and smiled. I realized that Gaara still had his arm around my waist.
"Can you please..." He looked at his hand and removed it. Kankuro left without either of us realizing it. I gave Gaara a quick hug and then I said, "It was nice seeing you again, Gaara." I turned to leave.
**Gaara's P.O.V**
After I pulled her away from Kankuro, the world around me seemed to stop. When she left, I just sat there. It took me two seconds to realize that she was gone. Temari came in and just looked and smiled at me. "What do you want?"
"Kankuro told me what happened to you and Vivvain."
"So... Do you like her?"
"Do I have to answer that?"
"No. You will tell me when the time comes..." And she left. Do you really like her? thought the demon inside me.
~~~After exams~~~
The exams were over and I felt glad. I herd somebody beside me. "I herd that there was a fight. Do you know what happened?"
"No. I can't remember anything clearly." said the person she was talking to. I got up from my seat and left the stadium. Was there really a fight? if so, then why can't I remember anything?
You can't remember anything because everybody was asleep. Your lover, Gaara and that goofy kid -what was his name again?
You mean Naruto?
Yes. Well, anyway, your lover, Gaara, and Naruto, got into a huge fight because that one snake guy or girl -can't tell which gender yet- wanted to kill the hokage.
Who won?
Naruto. But the hokage was killed. So you have a funeral to go to. Gaap was right. the hokage was killed and there was a funeral. But I didn't know if what Gaap said about Naruto and Gaara was true. Do you love Gaara?
I just want to know...

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