I Think... I Love You (A Gaara Love Story)

I Think... I Love You (A Gaara Love Story)

Name: Vivvain Renka
date of birth: March 13 on a Friday (bad day to be born bcuz the first baby born u had to have a demon named Gaap Prince of hell, intensifies love and hatred; transporter demon but he stays in u bcuz of the mark they gave u to keep him inside.)
interests: killing people bcuz u were hunted down bcuz of Gaap.

Chapter 3

Meeting A New 'Friend'

I tried to find Gaara but I couldn't see him anywhere. I found April walking nervously. "Hey, what's the matter?"
"I can't find Sasuke. have you seen him?"
"No. I haven't seen your 'lover' anywhere."
"Well, I haven't seen your 'lover' anywhere either!"
"Is that supposed to be a comeback?"
"What's it to ya?"
"HEY! QUIT FIGHTING OVER MY MAN!" a girl with blonde hair yelled.
"Excuse me! But I didn't see a name tag on him before he left!" April and the annoying blonde head looked shocked. "Are you done!?"
"Done with what!?" she yelled back.
"Done with giving me that stupid look on your ugly face!" April was trying to hold back a smile as I continued to insult the blonde head. Then, Sakura came up behind me.
"What's going on!?" She yelled over the both of us. The blonde head looked at her then me.
"I was just telling miss emo chick over here that Sasuke is MINE, Bill bored brow!"
"HE. WILL. NEVER. BE. YOURS. INO-PIG!" Saukra yelled back. they got into a huge cat fight.
"What are they fighting over?" A voice asked from behind me.
"they are fighting over you." April answered.
"Whatever. I'm outta here." I said, and I left April and Sasuke alone. I turned before I left and gave a wink to April. I continued to walk through the forest when I saw blood on the ground. I followed the blood trail and when it stopped, there was nothing there. I ran back to the leaf village and heard the news. The Hokage was dead. We had to attend his funeral tomorrow. I got April and told her. She sounded sad and I told her I was going home. She wanted to come too. We stayed inside until it was the next day. I picked out a black shirt with the sleeves going down to my elbows and black pants. April picked a black dress that went down to her knees. We both wore black shoes. We both got white roses and headed off. In the middle of the funeral, it started to rain. I placed my rose on the other roses and turned to leave. I put in my headphones and went into the forest. i sat there in my thoughts and decided that I would go back to the Sand village. I headed home and saw April there with Sasuke. They were hugging each other. I made a coughing noise and they both looked up. April was crying, her eyeliner was running down her cheeks. I saw some on Sasuke's shoulder. "I decided to go back to the Sand Village. I'm leaving today." I left with my bags and headed out. After a few days travel (it took so long bcuz I got lazy some of the way), I finely made it to the Sand Village. I rented out a room and got unpacked. There was a knock on my door. I went to answer the door and I got tackled.
"OMG!!!!! Vivvain, i missed you!!!!!!" It was Temari.
"I'm glade to see you too, Temari." She got up and helped me up. Then, I got tackled again!
"Kankuro! GET. OFF. OF. HER!" Temari yelled at Kankuro, who was still on top of me. Temari pulled Kankuro off of me and helped me up again. I got situated and fixed my clothes. I changed clothing. I was wearing torn up jeans and a different black shirt. They took me outside and pulled me to another house. They opened the door and threw me on the couch. Temari went upstairs and called for somebody. A few seconds later, Temaris came downstairs, holding somebody's hand. I saw the face and he looked like he was not having fun. Temari sat him on the couch next to me and winked to me and him. She pulled Kankuro outside and they left.
"Hello, Gaara."
"Hey, Viv." There was an awkward silence. Then suddenly he tensed up. I could see it. I tensed up when I felt it too. We both sat there. Then, a shuriken was thrown at Gaara and me. Sand shielded Gaara and me. Then it went back to his gourd. we went outside, and saw the person who threw the shuriken threw the window. Gaara was mad at her. She had shoulder length dark brown hair. She was wearing jean shorts and a shirt that said."I'm a Ninja, I'm a hoodie Ninja." Her eyes were...pink?
"Oh sorry, Gaara. I found a thing on the ground and I threw it. I didn't think it would go inside your house. I'm soo sorry!" she said. She sounded like a snotty, stuck up girl with a stick stuck up her azz. She looked at me. "Who is SHE!?!" she said in the most nasty voice she could.
"Excuse me!! I didn't know YOU were his MOM!" I said back imitating her tone. She was going to comment back but Gaara took my hand and pulled me back inside. "Who is she?" I asked him. He looked at me.
"She is a friend of Temari's. She has a total crush on me so she somes over everyday. She usually hangs around Temari but I don't know why she isn't today. Come on, let's go for a walk." He took my hand and led be outside. We started to walk, still holding hands.
Sorry it took so late. I had writer's block for a while and then I had it. Hope you like it!! (N another reason is bcuz one of my friends was going to 'die' if I didn't write another one. So.... here it is!)
Trying to write the next chapter but quibblo is being a JERK n not letting me upload it! Might take a while untill i can fix it.

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