I Think... I Love You (A Gaara Love Story)

I Think... I Love You (A Gaara Love Story)

Name: Vivvain Renka
date of birth: March 13 on a Friday (bad day to be born bcuz the first baby born u had to have a demon named Gaap Prince of hell, intensifies love and hatred; transporter demon but he stays in u bcuz of the mark they gave u to keep him inside.)
interests: killing people bcuz u were hunted down bcuz of Gaap.

Chapter 6

The Kazekage's Great Battle

OK. so i'm watching Shippuden after I missed like half of the regular Naruto. n i'm just like "hey, i know where the stories going now!!' n when i watched shippuden, i kinda thought about what Viv might do. n I kinda skipped the regular Naruto bcuz i already no wat happens. That douche, Sasuke, leaves and him n Naruto fight, then douche leaves. so i'm starting the story where the start of shippuden starts
**Few years later****Viv's P.O.V**
That was a few years ago. Maybe like, three. I can't remember the time. Only that I had fun hanging out with Gaara when I could. He changed the day he fought Naruto (I found that out when he cried on my shoulder. The first time he shown me his emotions) and has been trying to become Kazekage ever since. Well, he started training after the Shanna incident. I have already been training and have gotten better. I have also been teaching Gaara taijutsu. I would throw random punches and at first, I hit him in the arm. Then, he got used to it and blocked my punches. He finally became the Kazekage a year ago and has been busy ever since. I have been trying to help him to the best of my ability.
I was walking to his office to hand him papers when I realized he was in a meeting. Dang it! I opened his room and put the files on his desk and turned to leave when Temari was blocking my way out. "What do you want, Temari?" She had a smirk on her face. It started to creep me out.
"You like m little brother, don't you?" I blushed and hoped she couldn't see it. Luckily, the room was dark and she couldn't see. "Don't you?" She asked me again.
"I have no idea what you are talking about." Something gave me away, because she smiled.
"You DO!!!!!!! Don't worry, I won't tell him. I'll let you do that when you're ready..." She left with a smirk on her face. Sh!!t
**???'s P.O.V**
After the meeting, a young teenage boy with red hair was walking to his office. When he got there, he noticed a small stack of papers on his desk. Must have been from Viv. He took a seat and started doing his work. After he got done with all of his work, he turned his chair around and looked out the window. The sun was barley visible against the now dark, dark blue sky and then he saw it. Something white flashed in the corner of his eye. Something's wrong. I can feel it and Shukaku can feel it too. He got up and went to get his sand guard and a change of clothing. He went to the roof and saw a guy with blonde hair in a pony-tail with part of it covering his left eye. He was wearing a black cloak with white clouds on it outlined in red. The man looked up and smirked.
(I'm like, 52 episodes in. I can't remember exactly what they said so bare with me. srry...) "You found me fast."
"We don't have birds around here like that." (memory failure :(. srry.)
**Viv's P.O.V**
My eyes opened up and I went outside after grabbing my pouch with all my stuff in it and rushed outside. I made it to the roof and saw Kankuro. He noticed me and told me what had happened. "So, Gaara is fighting a member of Akatsuki? When-How did they get in?!"
"We don't know." Before I could say anything else, he also said, "We are helping him as best as we can. He's strong, Viv, you have to give him some credit." I tried. But I had a bad feeling about everything.
What do you think about all of this, Gaap?
I have a really bad feeling about all of this.
How bad?
Really bad. Worse then the time I found out that I had a cold. It was horrible...
Wait... YOU can have colds?
Yes, everybody does. Only we get them once every... three thousand years. It was a relieve that it only lasted a week. That's why you felt like crap.
I bed that was the case...
What's that supposed to mean?
Another loud noise. I looked up to where Gaara was and saw he was floating in his 'cocoon ball' and had a small amount of sand chasing after a flying white bird. Then, they both stopped and then I saw a shadow fly over head. I turned my head around and saw a huge pile of sand coming into the town and was big enough to shield us all. I looked back to the fight and saw a poof and then something large and white was being dropped down on the town. I closed my eyes and then...
I opened my eyes and saw the sand over all of us. I was happy that Gaara saved the town that I didn't see the little bird go by Gaara.
I stopped smiling and looked back up at the sky. Gaara's 'cocoon ball' was sealed and then...
Except, it was muffled and it came from inside of Gaara's 'coccon ball'. "This can't be good." I saw the sand fall and saw that Gaara was still inside of it but he didn't look OK. The sand was almost gone but then he lifted his hand to bring the sand that was still over us, away from the village. I watched in horror as Gaara started to fall. The bird creature caught Gaara in its tail and started to fly away. I wanted to move but my body wouldn't let me.
I'm not letting you move, Vivvian.
Because... what you will see will only cause you more grief. I didn't know what he meant by that but I had no choice. I couldn't move to see what had happened to Gaara-no- to my best friend.

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