Set when Coraline & Wyborn are grown up & have a daughter, Symboline, & a son, Graeme, the Pink Palace has become theirs & they live happily in it together.
But, when Graeme & Symboline find a secret door, they get more than they bargain for with their Other Mother!!
A strange girl & a familiar black cat warn them about the Other World & Mother! But, she's out for revenge on Coraline & Wybie, & will do anything to keep the 3 with her forever!

Chapter 1

The Pink Palace

by: Cozy_Glow
Symboline sighed as the car approached the large house. It wasn't much, but her mother had said it was a place of magic. Not one bit, Symboline thought. Graeme looked out into the rain & gasped.

"Mummy" he said, excitedly. "Can we play in the rain?"
"Maybe" she replied, with a smile. "Firstly, we have to unpack"
"The Pink Palace" her husband sighed, smiling broadly. "I remember it well!"

He parked the car beside the stairs & got out. They then set to work taking in their stuff, as the movers took in the beds & things. Symboline decided to go for a walk instead,. Going around the back, she found the garden nearly perfect, except some wiltered ones & weeds here & there.

"Where are you going?"
She jumped at the voice & turned fiercely. "For a walk, Graeme!"
"Can I come?"
"Boys with teddy's can't come!"
"That's not fair" he shouted, stomping his feet.

Symboline turned & walked away, Graeme following, unwarily, behind. She smiled at his scaredness as they wlked into a small forest. As they walked, Graeme noticed a ring of mushrooms. He walked up to it & tapped it. A faint, hollow sound echoed up.

"Must be a well" he muttered.
"Hmm" Symboline huffed, taking up a heavy stick.

She lifted off the lid & they stared down into blackness. The well was extremely deep. They putt the lid back & walked to the house. Something with blue eyes follwed them to the edge of the small forest, before retreating away.

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