20 Reasons Why It's Better To Be A Guy (Guy's POV) :P

20 Reasons Why It's Better To Be A Guy (Guy's POV) :P

haha lol, it's kinda true...XD

Chapter 1

Yup... :P

1. You finish ur phone-call in 30 sec.
2. For a vacation all you need is 7 days and one suitcase.
3. You can open cans and bottles without someone helping you.
4. Your friends don't feel sorry for you when you gain waight.
5. Your asss doesn't have a say in an job interview.
6. You don't fake it.
7. Too much sehx won't hurt your reputation (it might even help).
8. You can take a shower and dress up in 10 minutes.
9. You don't need to shave anything lower then your neck.
10. You don't need to sleep at night next to someone's hairy back.
11. You can eat a banana or an ice-cream in public, without someone giving you dirty looks.
12. Mechanics almost always tell you the truth.
13. You don't have a nervous breakdown when someone doesn't notice your new haircut or shoes.
14. You're always in the same mood.
15. You know at least 20 ways to open a bottle of bear.
16. Gray hair and wrinkles just makes your personality stand out.
17. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough..
18. People don't stare into your chest while you talk to them.
19. Is someone at a party shows in the same shirt or jacket like you, you barely even notice it.
20. You don't get people whistling after you in the street and comments about your chest or legs.


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