The Dreaming World ~A Fantasy Story~

Jaycee and a select few in her town, are chosen by a mysterious teacher to attend Dream Academy when they fall asleep. Here they learn how to master their dreams, and enter the dreams of others. When Jaycee graduates, things seem too good to be true. She has everything she has ever dreamed of. So the question is....are they?

Chapter 1


by: Sk8erGrl
"Have you ever done something and just simply asked yourself, why did I do that? I didn't want to do that....why?"

The teacher paced around the classroom with his hands behind his back, his authoritative pose reflected in his commanding voice.

"When that happens, you need to ask yourself, am I being controlled? Through my dreams?"

I looked at the teacher, his back to me. Being controlled through your dreams? Seriously? I joined with some of the other students and laughed a bit.

"Look down your notepads. Did you want to doodle that? Were you even conscious as you drew that?"

I looked down at the notepad on my desk and I was no longer laughing. It was a tiger. An amazing, detailed tiger. I couldn't draw to save my life. How did I do that?
"I am a master of dreaming." the teacher spoke very seriously. "I can enter my dreams, realize I am dreaming, stay in a dream as long as I want, and then jump into your dreams, where I can do whatever I want, which will affect your sub-conscious.

Everyone is shocked.

"Now look around you, you may recognize a few people, but not everyone."
I look around until I spot Layla and Mason who look as perplexed as I was, but no one else.
"That is because I have randomly selected a few people from different towns and cities to attend my Dream Academy.I will teach you how to master your dreams, then you will continue on in the wonderful journey of dreams on your own.But first,have you noticed that you haven't seen my face?"

I saw the teacher, again with his back turned to me. He was looking at Layla. That's strange. Why haven't I gotten to see his face?
"That is because you are dreaming right now.The actual class begins tomorrow. First lesson:Realizing when you are dreaming.Now wake up!"

My eyes opened and I'm lying in my bed. My alarm was about to go off. I turned it off before it could."My God," I whispered to myself. "That was one weird dream!"

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