why so hard

do go to far

Chapter 1

bad days

there was a girl name amy and she had a boyfriend name james.james love her so much. but just to tell you he did not love her at all. one night he called amy to his houes she told her mom that she will be back in 1 hr. so amy left and got to his houes and open the door he was sitting at the living room. he was telling her how he feelt about her just to lie. they started kissing and thay went to far and you know you can finish the story and she found her self lay on the floor and she get up and her mom calls and say " get home now" amy got home and her mom was so mad at her and it went bad.
3month later she know that she is getting bigger from her belly an calls james and say" something wrong here i am prego" and he say "no that is not my baby it can not you know what it over leve me alone and get out of my houes"amy cried and that night she went home and went to the bath room and pulls out a gun and say "sorry mom and sorry baby" pow
she died james found out about her and and told her mom that it was his baby and the mom was like "what are you talking about" he said "sorry bye"
the night he left and went to a lake with his car and just crash into the water and died. it was the bad days
born 1993 died 2010
born 1993 died 2010
the end


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