red hood,black wolf,white world.....

red hood,black wolf,white world.....

poem i wrote hope you like it!!!! i need comments to know if im good!!!(:

Chapter 1

red hood,black wolf,white world....

red as the blood stained moon
her cape slides across the freshly fallen snow
her wild heart hammers to a rythm
the snow crunches with each step
she pauses feeling a gaze like no other
her hand sliding to her bow
she stares into the dark gray birches
her breath quickening with fear
her green eyes survey the forest
she pulls back a strand of blonde hair
and lowers into a crouch
a flash of black
a flash of yellow
a flash of gleeming fangs
a wolf leaps from the trees
its wise gaze watching her movement
its yellow eyes dart to hers
her breath catches
those eyes are familiar
its huge form shadows her
she reaches her hand forward
tempting fate
it lowers its head
she places her gentle touch lightly there
its eyes close and it backs away slowly
then turns tail and darts into the trees
she stands,her hood blowing in the wind
scarlet against white
and watches the wolf run away.....


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