Fallen Angel Society 2

Fallen Angel Society 2

Dark Angels, the most destructive force of Angel Sky & Demon Land. They were thought to have destroyed in the Million Wings Battle & placed into legends to make naughty people behave.
Well, I'm living proof they still live, but only one, & he is dangerous to everyone. If you don't understand me, he is within me, nearly killed me, Angeni & everyone else. I was saved by my sister & my demon love.


Chapter 1

Angeni's Birthday

by: Cozy_Glow
I slowly opened my eyes & focused them on Angeni, tugging eagerly on my arm. She was smiling & giggling. I smiled sleepily in response.

"Sacial" she shouted, excitedly. "Come on! Its my birthday!"
"Happy birthday" I said, patting her head. "I've got something for you"
"Ooo" she said, with wide eyes.

I got up, stretched & walked over to my cupboard. Angeni closed her eyes as I pretended to have lost it. I put a medium box in front of her. She took it & carefully opened it.

"Wow" she squealed in delight. "Its gorgeous" she held up a tiara & put it on her head. "I love it!"
"Glad to see you do" I smiled.

I took her hand & we flew to the guard tower. Pangeri was there, smiling as we landed. She produced a big box & handed it to Angeni. She ran off to play with her new plushy puppy. I stayed with Pangeri, she was frowning now.

"What's wrong?" I asked, worried.
"Its...I'm sorry, Sacial" she began to cry. "Its you!"
"What about me?"
"I'm sorry we have to do this"

I could say no more, because something sharp was pressed into my neck & I was falling asleep, again. I hated sleep darts, but confusion more...

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