Just With You (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Hey! First, I'd like to thank you for reading this. :) The beginning of this story is written kinda bad because I didn't have as much experience with writing, but it get's better, I swear! :) This is set before Justin's career.

There's a Just With You 2, so if you'd like to check it out here's the link: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/fdT82wm/Just-With-You-2-A-Justin-Bieber-Love-Story

Read on, and I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

New Neighbor

"OW!" I yelped, and grabbed my big toe. I just slammed it against a block of wood with my boyfriend, Travis.

Travis chuckled. "You really are super clumsy." he said. I playfully punched him in the arm.

"Jerk!" I laughed along with him. Travis was the perfect boy. With his jet black fair gelled up into small points, then his gorgeous blue eyes and wide smile to match. We've been together for 3 years.

It was in the middle of fall, just when the leaves were beginning to fall off. Travis and I were out chopping wood to collect for the harsh winter. And, that ment there was only 5 weeks left until winter break!

"So, Cookie, I was thinking, how would you like to come with me to the mountains for winter break?" Travis said casually. I gasped, then lept into his arms, where Travis caught me easily.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Oooooo! I'm so excited!!!" I screamed, planting a peck on his cheek. "Oh, and, stop calling me Cookie! You know I hate it when you call me that..." I giggled. My name was Brookie. Yeah, I know.. Stupid, right? I couldn't be something more majestic like Elizabeth or Isabella. But, apparently, my parents just LOVE that name...

Travis looked into my eyes, and I stared right back. I could see my reflection in his eyes. Big, brown eyes and long, luscious brown hair. I always thought I was so plain and ugly looking. But Travis makes me feel like Cinderella. My Prince Charming...

"Brookie! Come inside for dinner! Or are you too busy?" mocked my older brother, David, from the house's porch.

"We'll be there in a sec! And leave me alone, David!!!" I yelled back. I scoffed, I really hated my brother sometimes. But he is useful for things like squashing spiders, something I'm petrified of.

"Come on, Travis. We better go in or David's gonna-"

"Tease you until you get angry and throw rocks at him." Travis finished for me. I smiled, he knew me so well sometimes!

Travis and I held hands as we strolled into our two-story house. We lived in Canada, where the winters are so cold, it's just unbearable sometimes. But I always had Travis to warm me up.

"Hey Travis. We're having roast beef tonight!" my mom said eagerly. My mom adored Travis. Ever since I asked my parents if I could have a boyfriend, my mom has supported me the whole way.

My dad is a different story...

At first, he was completely against the idea. (You know how dads are...) But, after a few weeks of talking to him, he finally admitted defeat. So, after 3 years of being together. My dad says Travis is a fine man. But he's not completely with Travis. So it's complicated, their relationship.

"Hello there Mr. Damiti!" Travis sincerely greeted my dad with a handshake.

"Hello, Travis. Haven't seen you since... when was it? Ah.. A couple hours ago." My dad replied sourly, accepting the handshake.

I laughed un-easily. The room had this awkward cloud hovering above our heads. "ANYways, let's go have some roast beef, shall we?"

My father nodded his head, understanding. Travis walked past me to sit at the table. I called throughout the house for David and my little sister, Samantha. (Has anyone else noticed my siblings have better names than I do?? Seriously... not fair!)

Samantha came bouncing (literally) into the dining room wearing an easter bunny costume. "I'm married!" she cried.

My dad nearly spit out his glass of red wine on the white table cloth. "W-w-what?" he gurgled.

Samantha giggled. "I'm married! I'm married! I'm married!" she chanted, flapping her arms up and down.

"Don't worry, Matthew, it's just a game all the kids in her class are doing. Nothing serious." my mom explained why she set down the roast beef. My dad grunted, still shocked.

After a delicious dinner, Travis excused himself, for he had to go home. I walked outside into the chilly night air with him. We just stood there, staring at the stars in the front yard of my home.

"Beautiful." I whispered.

"Just like you." Travis replied. I smiled. Then we kissed. I love it when we kiss. So gentle, so tender. It seemed too short, but we finally pulled away.

"Good-bye, Cookie."

"Bye, Travis." I giggled. I watched Travis walk away, and wondered how I was so lucky to get someone like him. I turned to go back to my house, when I got the feeling someone was watching me. I turned to the house next to mine.

The house finally got sold yesterday, but my mom said we should wait a few days for the family to get comfortable before greeting them. I saw a boy, probably my age, outside. Staring at me.

He had brunette hair, and large brown eyes. Just like me. In fact, he was kinda cute looking. I shook my head. I had a boyfriend, Travis. I waved my hand in greeting. He waved back, and I could hear him laugh. Confused, I took a step toward him, only to fall flat on my face.

Yeah that's right. Clumsy Brookie tripped over a log. Right in front of her new/cute neighbor.


Yeah, so that's the first chapter. Can you guess who the neighbor is? ;) Ha ha ha... I hoped you liked the first chapter! Don't worry, there is wayyyyyy more to come. :)

Sorry it's kinda long... I tend to overwrite... lol

Oh and, you can comment if you'd like. ;)

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