you are the only exception( a emo love story)

you are the only exception( a emo love story)

Chapter 2

love and scars

i dont know if it was the scars on my back going to my head or what but i decided i loved everything about pain...i knew it would never leave me and i would be here forever. i looked at the piece of glass and my hand and set there a moment before i ran it across my wrist deep. a watched the blood pour our and i just set there a only shed one tear. i was so use to pain that this one little cut didnt do anything it was just a scar in my eyes. i sighed and decided to take a shower,i watched as the blood mixed with the water, then i washed my scars and cleaned them with soap. as steped out and dryed myself off and put my pjs on and went to bed.
___Monday morning__
the alarm woke me up for another horrible day of school and i havent even though what i was gunna say to anyone. i put me on some red skinny jeans and a loose t-shirt so my scars would hurt as bad and my blues converse.
i didnt even feel like straighting my hair so a just put it in a lose ponytail and grabed my purse and cell phone i was almost out the door when i heard my dad scream "hey!" i looked at him scared...i didnt do anything wrong...have i? " i gotta go to school before im late and have to stay after school". he nodded and i hurried outta the house. i was half way to school when i saw my friend Charlie sitting on the sidewalk. i tapped him on the shoulder and he jumped and looked at me and laugh. "oh my god star what did i say about doing that to....." he trailed off as he got a good look at my face. "what happened?!" i sighed and whispered softly "dad got mad again" i watched as charlie stood up with hate in his eyes.."im gunna kill that basterd" he muttered and started towards my house i ran after him and grabbed his arm! "no charlie youll just make it worse! you cant tell anyone!!" he looked at me and his face turned soft again. "star i cant see you hurt like kills me." he started to touch my cheek and then he stopped and put it down by his side. "i know charlie but we have to stay in silenice if he know i told you hed kill me and you and i dont want that to happen"

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