U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 12

Enjoy and please comment! : )

Chapter 1

Hello Sexy?!?!

I grabbed my phone back from Justin but not before he read aloud, "Hello sexy!" By the way, that's what Cody texted back. I said blushing a little, "That was meant for my eyes only, Justin." Justin said not looking very happy, "I can't believe that he would call you sexy. He barely even knows you." I said as I texted back. 'Hey sexy! Whatcha doing?' to Cody, "Like you know so much about me, Justin." Justin said with a look of disbelief on his face, "I do know a lot about you actually." I asked as I read the text that Cody had just sent, "Like what?" Justin said sighing before he said talking, "I know that you always eat your dessert before you actually eat the main course. Then, you sing in the show and you know every word to all of The Jonas Brothers songs. Need me to name more?" I said realizing that he knew more about me then I knew about him, "No, you've proven your point." Justin must have been frustrated with me because he didn't say anything.

-Texting Conversation Between Cheyenne & Cody-

Cody: Hey sexy! Whatcha doing?
Cheyenne: Hey sexy! Nothing just coming home from the hospital. You?
Cody: Nothing just going home from school. You were lucky that you got to ditch your last two classes.
Cheyenne: I am so not lucky. If you call getting into a fight and cutting your hand open because you punched a mirror, lucky then I must have the best luck in the world.
Cody: Yeah, you're right. That isn't very lucky.

-Texting Conversation Over-

I was going to text back but my phone's battery died. I said throwing my phone into my open backpack in the backseat, "Ugh! I hate that phone." My mom said looking at me then back at the road, "Someone doesn't sound very happy." I ignored her and I turned around in my seat and saw that Justin was texting on his phone. I said wanting someone to talk to, "Hey Justin. Whatcha doing?" Justin said looking up from his phone, "Nothing that you need to know about." I said knowing that he was being mean to me because I was mean to him earlier, "Justin, I'm sorry for earlier. I shouldn't have been so mean. Please forgive me." Justin said smiling a little.......


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