Percy Jackson Love Story (girls only) story 1

The characters in this love story is:
Percy; son of a God. Anna-beth; daughter of Athena, Clinch;teacher at half-blood, and you. You are,
Age:15 Hair: long Dirty blond Eye: crystal blue Height: 5'4

God or godess: Athena comment!!! rate!!!!

Chapter 1

the beast

I awoken in camp half-blood in Athena's tent, dazed by the bright sun. I saw my half-sister, Lily, who said "Get ready Chelsea, we have training in 5." I pushed the covers off of me, pulled my hair up in pony-tail, and got dressed. I grabbed my armor and ran out the door. When Slater saw me, he smiled and approached me, "Good-mornin' Chelsea." I waved and ran to keep up with Lily. "Chelsea, put your armor on and lets get started" Lily said. I put my armor on and was ready for the challenged that awaited me.

Kelsey waved the starting flag.......Lily was the first to strike. I aimed for her chest, but the chance never occurred. In the middle of the challenge, I saw Percy standing there watching from the conner of my eye. It didn't get to me, it only made me work harder. I had a scratch across my face and on my arm, Lily had one o her arm also. I saw an opening for her shield and I took it. I grabbed her sword and placed it across her throat.

"Defeated. Nice round sis." I said. "Yeah. But I want a rematch in two days, so get ready." Lily also said. Percy walked over and said,"That match was over an hour. Didn't you ever get exhausted?" "Nope. Remember, I can to this camp when I was 9. I'm used to it." We walked until we got to the lake where Percy won his first game. I didn't realize how deep my injuries were until I felt warm liquid fall down my cheek. "Here, let me help." Percy said. He cupped some water into his hand and placed it upon my wounds. They healed instantly. When I looked up, Percy's face was just inches from mine...All of a sudden, a loud crash made me and him jump.
(Percy's P.O.V)
Chelsea looked scared. The sky went dark. "I think we should go back to camp." I suggested. "Yeah, me too" she said. I helped her up and we walked through the woods back to camp. The fires were roaring high in the sky and the trees were swaying and the wind speed picked up. Chelsea looked beautiful with her dirty blond hair flowing with the wind. I just starred and starred until a lighting bolt struck right by us. We jump and another struck again. A demonic figure appeared in the blazing fire and spoke these words,"I will tear this camp apart, one piece by another. Chelsea June, you will come and be my queen sooner or later." I looked down at her and saw a tear fall down her cheek. I wiped it away with my hand and told her everything will be okay.
(Chelsea's P.O.V)
Percy wiped away the tear that had escaped from my eye. He told me everything will be just fine. My heart was beating faster and faster. I looked into his eyes and I melted where I stood. Percy's green jeweled eyes were so beautiful, you could just get lost in them. Out of no where, I felt a stabbing pain in my side. I looked down and saw a lot of blood. An arrow was in my side. I pulled it out then everything went black.


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