U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 13

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Chapter 1

Boyfriend & Girlfriend?

Justin said smiling a little, "Wow. That is the first time that I have ever heard you say sorry." I said trying not to smile, "Yeah but don't get use to it. There is a first time for everything." Justin said seeing me struggle not to smile, "True. There is a first time for everything but I didn't expect to ever hear you say those words." I said hitting him in the arm with my good hand, "Oh shut up." Justin said rubbing his arm where I had hit him, "That hurt, ya know." I said finally giving up on trying not to smile, "That did not hurt." Justin said smiling after he had seen me smile, "It did actually. You hit harder then you realize, Cheyenne." I asked, "Do you forgive me or not?" Justin said, "I forgave you along time ago." I asked, "When did this happen?" Justin said, "I forgave you when we arrived at the hospital." I said, "You could have let me know that." Justin said looking into my eyes, "Sorry. I thought you were still mad at me." I said, "Its fine but I need to know stuff like that. How could I be mad at my best friend?" Justin said, "Okay but you were very convincing." I asked, "What can I do to make it up to you?" Justin said not even having to think about it, "Let me take you on a date." My mom said interrupting our conversation, "That would be a good idea, Justin." I said blushing a little, "Thanks mom. But Justin, do you honestly think it would be a good idea to start a relationship between us when you leave in just three days?" Justin said smiling a little when he saw that I was blushing, "I think it would be a wonderful idea." I asked, "How would we make a long distance relationship work?" Justin said getting a serious look in his eyes, "We could make it work by calling each other, texting each other, iChatting, Facebook, and you can come visit me during the summer. I'll do anything to make it work between us." I said blushing even more, "Okay. If you're willing to try to make this work then I am, too." My mom said turning off the car, "Okay, Cheyenne and Justin. We're here." I asked turning back around to unbelt my seatbelt and seeing that we were at Justin's house, "What are we doing here?" My mom said getting out of the car, "We are here to help Justin and his mom pack." I didn't say anything back because just hearing that reminded me that my boyfriend would be gone soon.

-Inside Justin's Room-

I said almost tripping over Justin's skateboard which was laying in front of his bedroom door, "Wow. When was the last time you cleaned your room?" Justin said catching me before I fell, "That would be last night." I asked sitting down on his messy bed, "How did it get so dirty?" Justin said sitting next to me and putting his arm around me, "I couldn't find my purple hoodie this morning." I said looking at what he was wearing, "You're not wearing a purple hoodie. You're wearing a grey hoodie." Justin said laughing a little, "I know. I still couldn't find it even after I destroyed my room." I said seeing something purple sticking out from underneath his bed, "Okay." I reached under the bed and grabbed the purple thing. I said bringing the purple hoodie into sight, "I found it." Justin said smiling and looking a little embarrassed, "Oh, Thanks. It wasn't there, this morning." I said handing it to him, "You're welcome." Justin leaned forward while grabbing his hoodie from me and his lips were almost touching mine when.....

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