51 ways to annoy non-AVPM and AVPS lovers!!!

I saw that a lot of people have been doing this sort of thing, and I thought it would be fun! So, without further ado, please enjoy! ^_^

Chapter 1

51 ways to annoy!!! XD

Hey everybody! This is a shoutout to my friend CuPpYcAkEs898 for helping me so much in making this. she gave me a lot of the ideas for it! Thank you so much, you're an awesome friend!!! :D

1. Ask if they want to go to pigfarts.
2. Do this constantly.
3. Refuse to give an explanation.
4. Out of the blue shout: "Pigfarts pigfarts, here I come. Pigfarts Pigfarts yum yum yum!"
5. When someone asks you what you want, answer with first the real thing that you want, then quietly add "...and a rocketship."
6. Randomly hum or sing AVPM or AVPS songs and refuse to stop, saying you're under the imperius curse.
7. Draw a "handmade dark mark" on your arm. (like Draco's)
8. Instead of saying OMG, say "oh my Rowling!"
9. Point to random objects and warn others not to touch them because they are port keys.
10. When they ask what that means answer: "a port key can be any sort of seemingly harmless object. Like a football...or a dolphin."
11. Just for effect, when doing these things, always use a British accent.
12. When somebody curses, cover your ears and make a pained expression.
13. When someone annoys you call them a "butt trumpet"
14. Proceed to make farting noises and the trumpet hand gesture. (like Remus and Sirius in AVPS)
15. Text people. Ask if they got it. When they say yes, say "Well ya didn't text me back!" do this nonstop.
16. Roll around on the floor.
17. For those people who can't draw/sing, make up a song. _____ can't draw/sing! _____ can't draw/sing!
18. Randomly sneeze and say, "Oh no, that was simply a fart."
19. Tell people how smokin' hot Hermione is.
20. Quote it. Constantly.
21. Tell people their father is Dobby.
22. Refuse to tell them who Dobby is.
23. Call them (first name) freakin' (last name)
24. Ask them if they want a red vine.
25. Tell them all about Pigfarts and Rumbleroar. Refuse to tell them who/what they are.
26. Walk up to random people, ask to see their arm, and yell, "INDIAN BURN HEX!"
27. Randomly shout "10 points from Gryfinndor!"
28. Tell everyone that your favorite celebrity couple is Quirrelmort.
29. Walk around with a giant Hershey bar like Ron ;)
30. Shout "Stupid Sister!" and clap above everyone's head.
31. Sing Voldemort is Going Down during sporting events, only put the other teams name where Voldemort's name is.
32. Ask them what a moogle is
33. Ask them if they're in Gryfinndor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Jigglypuff.
34. Call people "spare dudes"
35. Draw a picture if someone, give it to them, then compliment your own work (specifically shading) and take it back saying that you stole their fav drawing.
36. Sing the songs in the shower, so it carries all through your house.
37. Suddenly exclaim "what the spell?!"
38. When someone interrupts you, say "who's disrespectin' ____?!" in a military like voice.
39. Walk with your chin up, and talk in a slightly slurred voice. (like snape)
40. When entering a room, always ask: "what the devil is going on here?!"
41. call people by the fist letter of their fist and last name only. (HP)
42. tell people that you'll call the wizard cops.
43. Play the "got your nose" game with someone, but when you take it, pretend to eat it, then reach back and "grab" it from your butt.
44. Put it back on their face, and tell them that they have a poop nose now.
45. Spread the news about how 600 house elves die in toilet related incidents every year.
46. If you get into trouble, casually blame on that infamous Hogwarts jaguar...
47. Shout "Dissaparate!" and walk away.
48. Wear a necklace, and say you have a time-turner.
49. Refuse to give an explanation, and start spinning randomly, then stop and ask if you made it to the past.
50. Move in only highly choreographed dance moves. (Lucius Malfoy style!)
51. Ask your friends to help you too! Strength in numbers right? :D


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