I was Kidnapped by Werewolves, Intended to Become the Alpha's Mate???

Yay for creating new stories and being to lazy to continue old ones!!! :D
Okay, if you appreciate AMAZINGNESS.. I'd say check out Chanticleer on Youtube. They're a male group that sing all sorts of classical music, as well as gospel pieces and even idie pop! They are heaven to my ears <3333

Chapter 1

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The mirror I was staring into was smudged, cracked and scratched into, but what can you expect? Its in a high school girl's bathroom. I scrunched my curls into perfect disarray as Chanticleer's "Cells Planets" drifted into my ears via my iPod.
As always, I'm done with my American History test early. I have a bunch of kids in my class that don't understand that you don't have to know the right answer, just the wrong ones. So, I always go to the bathroom when I've finished tests.
"Chloe Connor?" A deep voice asked.
Holy cow, there's a man in a high school girl's bathrrom!
"Y-You aren't supposed to be in here!!" I meant to yell. I really did, but it came out airy and obviously terrified.
He just laughed at me. Laughed!! In my face!!! Meany.
"Come alone Chloe, it's time to go." He held his big, paw-like hand out to me. It was olive-toned and strong-looking, and beckoning. "I'll grab your backpack for you."
"No you won't! Put that down! It's mine, and I'm not going anywhere with you Mister! Who are you to just barge into a girl's bathroom?! Are you the.. uhh... nevermind. I don't know where I was going with that. Get out or--"
"Or what, doll face?" He smiled cynically.
I started screaming at the top of my lungs. Someone would hear me in the halls and witness this monstrocity of a man in this bathrrom attempting to take me somewhere.
He jumped at me, but I was too quick for him. I locked myself in the wheelchair person stall and continued to scream. I'm in choir, I can maintain any note for a long time.
That didn't do much for me though. He just crawled under the stall (ew) and pinned me aggressively against the wall, placing his hand over my mouth. This is when I saw his eyes...
Sorry, what? I'm too confused by this kid's eyes! They're a weird color. I can't even describe it, they're out of this world! Alien eyes.
"Chloe..." He started patiently.
I continued to look at him in my terrified manner.
"If I let go of you, will you promise not to scream again? I can't explain much, but I'll do the best I can." His voice was really deep, like Jason Bates' (he's a bass in my choir, and I love to listen to him talk because he sounds so manly).
I tried to nod. It was hard, being pressed against a tiled wall.
He let go of me. I swatted him away from me like an insect and cringed.
The mystery creeper sighed. "This is not how it was supposed to be. You were supposed to be like "Okay!""--(he said this in that annoying, stereotypical voice boys use for girls, the really high pitched, unintellegent sounding one)---"and we'd go to the car and you'd meet Boss and we'd all live happily ever after. But noooooooooooooo you have to think I'm a creeper. UGH! Can we go to the car now???" He ranted.
"Are you on your man-period?" I asked innocently. You know that random boy-moodiness, of course. That's what everyone calls it at my school.
"Aren't we supposed to be quiet to not attract attention? I bet your "Boss" would like me to come quietly and make it seem like I ran away from home, never to be seen again. A man screaming in a girl's bathroom in a high school is not helpful--"
"Stop talking. You win. Let's go." He grumbled, burst out of the stall, grabbed my heavy backpack like it was no weight to him at all and left the bathroom in a ticked off manner.
I think I'd like this guy if he wasn't a total creeper about to kidnap me. FAT CHANCE.
I left the bathroom as well, but in the opposite way from the exit to the building. My school is so big, he'll never find me if I hide. I'll go back to class. I won't need my backpack for the rest of the day anyway :)

Creeper successfully avoided! Win. I left choir (the last hour of my day) and went to my tree. Only my friends hang out at this giant, dead maple tree. We sit in its branches and talk about our day, our relationships and occassionally give advice--- Why is it so quiet?
No one is out on the grounds. Not one soul. I'm alone out here. I could've sworn there was.. but I didn't.. WHERE IS EVERYONE????
"Hello...?" I called, my voice shaking. Am I dreaming?
"Doll face, it's time to go."
I pivotted. Mystery creeper man was right behind me. "WHERE IS EVERYONE YOU CREEPER??????????" I screamed.
"They are safe and out of the way. They think they're going home in their cars and busses. Don't worry about it. We're going home."
"WE'RE not going ANYWHERE! I'M going to MY HOUSE. Now LEAVE ME ALONE." I used my outdoor voice.
"Why are you so difficult?" He asked, exasperated. Then he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I screamed some more, as well as kicked and flailed. Anything to make him let go.
"I'm tougher than I look, doll face." He chuckled.
"Who the are you????????????"
"Like the late night talk show host guy?"
"Cool!" I smiled, "Can you let me down now?"
"Yes, physically, I can potentially let you down. But.. That would be against my orders. So I won't, because if I let you get away again, the Boss will grind my bones into dust." He said it like he respected his Boss, but feared him at the same time.
"Who's your boss? Are you in the Mafia? I just took a test on the 20s, with bootleggers and racketeers and Al Capone and stuff. It was really easy."
"Cool story, bro. I'm not in the Mafia, but our... group.. acts kind of like the Mafia. You'll meet the Boss soon enough. Here's the car."
It was a huge, black Escalade. He threw me in the back seat like a rag doll and I mumbled angrily to myself while buckling up. Next to me was my backpack. This familiary object in a stranger's car was extremely comforting, so I held onto it for dear life.
"No one is going to assalt you. We're here to take you into a better life, one that you'll enjoy... hopefully. A life full of laughter, love and--"
"What do you mean by love?" I interrupted.
"Oh, I've been watching you all school year here, and I think you're the Boss' perfect match."
EXCUSE ME???????????????????????????????????????

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