I was Kidnapped by Werewolves, Intended to Become the Alpha's Mate???

Yay for creating new stories and being to lazy to continue old ones!!! :D
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Chapter 2

chapter titles are for squares

"So let me get this straight..." I interrupted Conan's explanation, "I'm the last girl of my family, a family that was one of your group's friends... and I'm the perfect girl for your boss..?"
"Yup. You're exactly what he needs, and what he needs, we all need. He's been irritable lately, and a girlfriend is just what he needs to fix his problems."
"But why do you specifically need me?"
"We're here!" He avoided.
Out of a long, dirt road, we imerged into a bright clearing. As Conan parked in a parking spot along the edge of the clearing, I observed the plentiful men. Men wrestling, men playing football, men flexing, men laughing. Hot, tall, tan, muscled, glorious men!!!!
"I'm glad to be here.." I said a little bit too loud.
Suddenly, all eyes were on me. These men stared at me like I was a ghost, a dream. I blushed and hid behind Conan as he ushered me up the stairs and onto a rustic porch.
This porch had two women knitting in a swing bench, whispering to each other about me, obviously. There was also a gigantic man with muscles on his muscles sleeping in a rocking chair.
Conan brought me inside. The bottom part of the house was huge, consisting of the kitchen/dining room and living room. The three guys on the huge, leather couch stared at me while Conan and I raided the refridgerator for something to eat. I settled on a sandwich, and I made one for Conan one too.
"Do you want to see where you'll be sleeping?"
"Yes please." I smiled.
We went up a flight of stairs into a loft overlooking the space below. The bed was huge, and there was a fur rug. Every piece of furniture was made of wood. The first thing I went to was the closet.
Boy clothes.
"Someone lives here." I stated angrily.
"The Boss."
"I don't want to room with a guy I've never met before! Are you crazy? I want my own room, with my own stuff, my own bed, and MY OWN CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. It went silent downstairs.
"Someone is at your house, packing up everything you know right now--"
"DAX???? MOMMY'S HERE!!!!" I run downstairs.
My black toy poodle was struggling in a stranger's arms and I snatched him up. Dax, my little man. He's my baby, my watch dog, my protector. I cuddled him while he licked my face and wagged his little fluffy tail.
My care taker, Margot (pronounced without the t) leaned into my leg. She, a white standard poodle, is the smartest, sweetest thing in the world. She turns off lights, puts clothes in the hamper, and I'm teaching her how to help me make the bed. She's the boss, and don't tell her any differently or she'll give you a look to kill.
More men carried my bags in and went upstairs.
"Well, I'm taking them for a walk. You should come with me so I don't get lost." I advised Conan.
"Yes ma'am." He answered.
Conan showed me that there were many, like.. 20 other cabins in these woods, where everyone lives. The one I'm living in is the main one where everyone comes to eat and receive orders from the Boss. He showed me where he lived too.
It was small, but he had rock posters and huge speakers for loud music.
"Cute, but your neighbors must hate you." I joked.
"It's not like they could say anything." He laughed.
"I'm kind of like the Boss' first mate. His second in command. I help out with getting messages out to the group."
"So the Boss is like the brain, and you're like the heart."
"Yes ma'am."
Dax was sniffing Conan's ankle and wagging his tail. He approves. Good, I like Conan. We'll be great friends. Margot on the other hand was watching him carefully.
"Why is she looking at me like that?" Conan asked uncomfortably.
"Margot doesn't know about you yet... Margot." She looked at me. "I don't like him like that, he's just a friend." She stared at me skeptically, "I promise."
Margot sniffed Conan and pushed her head in his hands.
"Hi there, Margot. I have no romantic interest in your daughter, but I do promise to take good care of her." He smiled at me and pet her.


We went back into the main cabin laughing. Margot and Dax ran in and started saying hello to everyone.
"WHO'S STUFF IS IN MY ROOM?" A deep. booming voice yelled from the loft.
I cringed and hid behind Conan.
Heavy footsteps stomped down the stairs. There were too many people in the living room to see the stairs and the person storming around.
"See what I told you about irritable?" Conan whispered to me.
The gigantic man with muscles on his muscles who was sleeping in the rocking chair when I got here burst through the crowd and stared down at Conan. He had black eyes that shot daggers at Conan... but when they met mine.. they were like the night sky. Sparks of light and hope shone in them, like little stars. I didn't know him, but I liked him. I had this sudden feeling that I'd been missing something, but I found it now. His eyes.. Him.

__________________(His Point of View)_____________________________

The petite girl hiding behind Conan was an earthbound goddess. Her blonde, curly hair that fell over her face carressed her, and I was jealous of it. I'm jealous of hair that was touching her face, and I wasn't. Wait... What am I talking about? Who is this chick and why is she here? I'm blindly falling for a stranger. That's really not smart of me. But her skin is like porcelin, her eyes are the color of the leaves today. The brightest green that nature could ever conceive was her eyes. Oh my lord, what am I saying????????????? And why is the world fading around me? Why am I hearing a choir of angels?
"Conan.. who is this?" I asked in a whisper.

_________________(Chloe's Point of View again)_____________________-

"Kaleb... this is Chloe Connor. You're welcome bro." Conan said in a snarky tone.
We continued to stare at each other. Kaleb (The Boss, I presumed) reminded me of Tarzan or something, someone who should be swinging around the forest by vines and holding onto me like I was no weight at all... WAIT. WAIT ONE MINUTE. I don't know this guy and he doesn't know me. Am I supposed to say something now??
"Hi." I muttered and blushed, "I'm Chloe Connor."
"Kaleb Wolfe." He held out his hand, "Leader of the Pack."
I shook his huge hand, which smothered mine.
"Pack? Like a pack of dogs?"
"WOOOOOOOOW KALEB. WAY TO BLOW IT." Conan yelled and rushed me outside, just before the door closed, Margot and Dax rushed out with me.

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