I was Kidnapped by Werewolves, Intended to Become the Alpha's Mate???

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Chapter 3

Knock knock?.... ANSWER ME. fine, gosh, don't play along. Jerk :p

"Is that the name of your group, "The Pack?"' I asked.
"Uh... YES. Yes it is. Nothing gets past you!"
"Your hesitation and over-assurance makes me think you were depending on me to make up a logical answer instead of the real one."
"Dang, you're smart." He muttered, thinking I couldn't hear.
"I heard that. Now you have to tell me the real reason. There is no way I'm leaving now, anyway. All my stuff, including my pets are here. So let me in on the secret, Conan." I put on my best, cutest pouty face.
"FINE! Well... we're called The Pack because we're all werewolves."
".................HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You're adorable. Thinking I'd be THAT gullible!!! No way Jose. Okay.. HAH... okay... why are you REALLY are called The Pack." I waited patiently.
Conan just stared at me like I was crazy.
"You're kidding me. There is no way all you people can turn into wolves. This isn't Twilight, or any other book. Where's Edward that sparkles? Where are the fairies and unicorns? This isn't real. I want to go home. This is all just a bizzare dream I'm going to wake up from any minute now. Kill me, then I'll wake up. Go ahead!! You're mother is a fat wh0r3. There! I insulted yo mama. Ghetto curb stomp me.." I closed my eyes, bracing for impact.
"You're not asleep. I'm a werewolf, like every other guy here, Chloe. Chloe, open your eyes."
I shook my head and covered my face with my hands. Something was thrown at my feet and my dogs went crazy, so I opened my eyes and uncovered my face.
There, playing with my two poodles, was a gigantic wolf. It was wagging its tail and woofing along with Margot and Dax.. like a puppy!
"CONAN COME SEE THIS!!!" I yelled and watched the dogs, but he never came. Where did he go? "CONAN????? Oh, HAHA. Very funny. Ditch me in the woods, CUTE. SO CHARMING!!!!!!!!"
I spun around. It was Kaleb. He stood next to me and watched my poodles play with the wild wolf.
"That's Conan." He said in his insanely deep voice. It made me shiver.
"Don't be silly. It's not Conan. He ditched me out here."
"Without clothes on?" He pointed to the purple V neck shirt and cut off jean shorts at my feet. I gaped at them. "Conan's pretty crazy, but he's not the type to go streaking without an audience." He chuckled. This sound made me shiver as well. "Are you cold?"
"No..." I blushed.
"Oh. CONAN!"
The wolf turned around quickly and trotted back over to us with Margot and Dax. They looked like a bunch of best friends now.
Dax jumped up and I caught him in my arms as Margot made me pet her. "Hi guys. Yes, I love you."
"Conan.. " Kaleb muttered. "Put some clothes on."
I made sure not to look as Conan put clothes back on. Wow... Werewolves are real.


Conan ran off with my dogs, leaving me alone with Kaleb.
"The Connors were werewolves too?" I asked.
"So I'm a werewolf???"
"Yes, the only pure bred girl we could find. I can tell too, by your smell."
"Do I smell weird? I took a shower this morning.. I can take another one--" I worried.
"No, Chloe. You smell amazing, I promise. That's how I could tell, and a few other ways."
"What other ways?" I asked
"The perfect face. Every Connor girl has a perfect face, but they're suited to individuals of The Pack... or that's how it used to be."
"What was it like before?"
"The Connors lived in the next county over. Them, and other packs around the state would trade their women with new women from other packs. It would prevent inbreeding. But now... there aren't many of us anymore."
"I know." He chuckled. "Ive been trying to hunt down any other packs, but we can only find individuals."
"I'm glad you guys found me, then." I smiled.
"Well.. Conan found you. I owe him forever now."
I blushed. Kaleb is soooooooo sweet, and attractive. Did I mention attractive? I'm pretty sure I did, but I keep forgetting things when I look into Kaleb's eyes.
We get back to the main cabin, holding hands. My face is bright red as he takes me up to his room. No one was looking at us except one woman with a smile.
"This is my--"
"You don't have to give me a tour." I flopped down on the bed and curled up in a ball, "I've already been up here."
"Oh..." He sat on a chair in a corner. It was like a little reading corner with a lamp and a stack of books and journals.
"What do you do all day?" I asked, then yawned.
"I do what an alpha does. I coordinate activities, I make sure all the women are working, sometimes I teach the kids..." He rambled.
"You walk around like you're the sh!!!t?"
He didn't respond to me.
Margot and Dax came up into the loft and jumped on the bed. Dax sat on my tummy and growled at Kaleb. Margot likes him though.
"Will you shut that thing up??" He growled.
"No. I will not."
He made like he was going to hit Dax, but I stopped that, of course.
"IF THAT IS HOW YOU TREAT SMALL ANIMALS, HOW DO YOU TREAT YOUR PEOPLE?!?!?!?!" I screamed and curled myself around my baby.
This made him stop in his tracks. Kaleb froze, and I could see the wheels turning in his head. My question seemed to really bother him.
"I love my people, Chloe. Please, don't ever question that again. I am the alpha, and I take care of my pack." He said, a sadness in his eyes that was endless. He put his head in his hands and sat like a sad lump in his chair.
Being an overly emotional, says-sorry-way-too-much kind of girl, I rushed over there. "I'm so sorry, Kaleb! That wasn't nice of me. I shouldn't have said that. It was insensitive and wrong of me to do that. You love your pack, and It was mean of me to say otherwise."
I threw myself into him. I wiggled myself into his arms and pulled at his massive hands. Something instinctive told me I had to see his face.
His dark eyes were hard and angry, but then they softened as he took relaxing breaths.
"WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled and squirmed away, "I DON'T KNOW YOU. YOU DON'T KNOW ME. WE AREN'T EVEN FRIENDS. SO STAY AWAY FROM ME... CREEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I stomped downstairs, my poodles at my heels, "CONAN! WHERE DID YOU GO?"
"I'm here, Chloe. What just happened?" He asked, quietly ushering me out the door before I could scream again.
I sat down at a tree and cried. This is not what I wanted. I wanted to be the town vet/groomer. I don't want to feel dependent on someone else. I don't want to be in love.
Conan sat down next to me. His bizzare eye color was comforting in a weird way, as well as his red/brown hair.
"Hey, chickadee. Why don't you tell me what happened, and I can tell you what Kaleb was thinking?"
I explained what happened while sobbing and stuttering.
"Oh, chickadee. It's alright. You and Kaleb have awoken the ancient werewolf magic bond, usually we call it 'mates'. You are true mates. It's even more powerful since you two are pureblood werewolves, and Kaleb is the alpha. The force pulling you two together is undeniable. I'd advise for you to accept it and go with the flow, but you don't seem like the type of girl to do that." He smoothed my hair and leg.
"Y-You're r-really comfort-forting." I sobbed.
"I have 4 sisters. I know how girls are more sensitive, more ceceptible to emotional distress, etc. Y'all need to be watched over."
"Did you just say y'all?"
"Yes, I'm sorry. I'm from Georgia, and sometimes my accent drawls."
"Will you please speak regularly in your Georgian accent??" I begged with the cutest pouty fave I could muster.
"Awm frum Jawjuh, an' ma brotha jes bard my pickup truck." He smiled.
He continued to talk in his "Jawjun" accent until all my tears turned to laughs

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