The Beast Within Him

Dorian Carters is the 'I'm gorgeous and I know it' type of guy. He seems to have, looks, career, family..but he doesnt appreciate it and thinks everyone is to bow down to him. But when he takes it too far one day with a girl, she casts a spell upon him to make him a hideous beast. Will he be able to find someone who loves him for him, or will he never change his cruel ways?

Chapter 1

The beginning

Dorian Carters is the type of guy to make the world bow down to him. He's persuasive, determined, smart and mean. He could make the world a better place if he wanted to but he chooses to make the world a living hell for anyone near him.

But if you dont know him, his beauty can mesmerize you. Everything about him, from his medium brown hair to his startlingly bright green eyes to his strong body to the way he walks and talks, screams I'm gorgeous...And I have power. When he walks into a room, people's heads turn up and women stare. Men wish they were like him and even though he is in his mid-twenties, both the young and old admire him...

That is, until they know the real him. His co-workers would talk behind his back about how mean and cruel he is but to his face, they do whatever he wants.

But then there was Abigail Lawrence. Silky blond hair, brown eyes, average in almost every way possible are some words to describe her when you first meet her. But underneath, she had powers...powers she uses to for good. Abigail has been watching Dorian for weeks now and his attention has turned to her.

That's the first of his mistakes he makes with Abigail and there are many to come...

Okay first off, Please stop saying that this sounds like Beastly. I have been making the plot line long before Beastly came out and I havent seen the movie so I don't know what happens. So could you please just comment on my actual story and not saying that it sounds like Beastly?
Thanks alot,

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