The Beast Within Him

Dorian Carters is the 'I'm gorgeous and I know it' type of guy. He seems to have, looks, career, family..but he doesnt appreciate it and thinks everyone is to bow down to him. But when he takes it too far one day with a girl, she casts a spell upon him to make him a hideous beast. Will he be able to find someone who loves him for him, or will he never change his cruel ways?

Chapter 2


Abigail watched curiously as Dorian made his way toward her. Nothing about him seemed different.

According to him, he's still gorgeous and powerful.

But all of that is about to change.

"Hey there Abigail." Dorian's deep voice chuckled, waiting for her to blush or act girly. None of that happened.

At first, Dorian thought she hadn't heard him. So he ruffled his brown hair so it laid playfully on his head, then he rolled up his long-sleeved gray shirt up so that his strong arms were shown.

"Abigail." Dorian whispered in her ear. "Why don't you come to the bar with me?"

Abigail, in her regular jeans and shirt, turned around, looking at him. Her brown eyes bore into him, making him slightly uncomfortable.

"What would we be doing there?" She asked innocently. Abigail then runs a hand through her blond hair. She moves to turn around back to her paperwork when Dorian doesn't say anything.

Dorian let's out a low chuckle. "Anything you want baby." He shakes his head slightly. A girl has never made him uncomfortable.

Abigail chuckled too, her plan was running smoothly.

They arrived at the bar, lights are flashing and people are dancing to the loud music. It's 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the place is packed.

Dorian takes Abigail's hand leading her to the middle of the dance floor.

Then he wraps his arm around her waist, forcing her toward him. She hides her scowl. Abigail knew this wasn't going to be the best part of her plan.

"Do you want me Abigail?" Dorian asks, trying to sexy. He moves his head to the side slightly, his green eyes watching her every move.

Abigail moves out of his reach, muttering something no one around her could hear.

But the next thing Dorian knows, everyone is screaming and pointing at him.

Dorian frowns, and looks down at his body. Horrified, he looks up to Abigail.

But she's gone.

Please read my last note on the first chapter if you havent. Thanks!

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